Make Your Hair And Scalp Winter-Ready With These Tips!

Since I have always lived in Alaska, for me, summers never come. Due to th never-ending cold, I’m quite familiar with the effects of winter on the skin and hair. If you are residing in a place where the winters stay all the year-round, you need to listen to my haircare advice to make your hair and scalp winter-ready. Even if you don’t live in a state that has constant cold weather, you will still need these tips because winter is around the corner anyway.

With my TDS Internet subscription, I looked up all the hair care tips online, particularly the problems related to weather changes. I have tried some of them and they have turned out to be amazing. The dry, static, and frizzy hair that we experience with winter winds hitting harder can be improved with some appropriate hair care. I’m going to share my ‘tried and tested’ hair care struggles to achieve shiny and beautiful hair. So, find how can you minimize the severe winter effects. Read on while you enjoy the snow.

Shampooing Routine

make your hair and scalp winter-ready

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While the cold, winter winds are already making your hair dry and deprived of any shine, do not shampoo it too often. Skin plaques smother the scalp and can result in a very itchy and flaky scalp. Dandruff is another concern that emerges with these scalp conditions. The extreme dryness can hinder the growth of hair tresses. To avoid this itchiness and dandruff, do not shampoo your hair every other day. To make your hair and scalp winter-ready use Aloe Vera gel to clean the hair as a natural substitute for chemical-laden shampoos. And my hair looked more moisturized and less dry.

Moisturizing the Right Way!

make your hair and scalp winter-ready

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I have permanently switched to oil-infused formulas for hair moisturizers. They lock in all the extra moisture and make the hair healthier. Dry, chilled air makes the hair lifeless and brittle. To overcome these hair conditions, extra moisturizing is mandatory. Oil-infused formulas are highly recommended because they keep the moisture intact and make your hair and scalp winter-ready. Moreover, always massage your tresses and not just the scalp. That’s the right way of proper moisturizing.

Weekly Treatments Are a Big Yes

make your hair and scalp winter-ready

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I would highly recommend taking a nice hair oil treatment at least once a week. You shouldn’t skip doing it especially when winds go chiller. Hair treatments are designed and composed in a way, that will replace and replenish the lost moisture.  Hot oil massage therapy for the scalp and tresses is important.

Try Using Leave-in Serums

make your hair and scalp winter-ready

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You will not regret using the leave-in serums, especially in winters. I have experienced my hair to be healthier and thicker since I have started using them. They are equally good for all seasons. In winter, the dry and brittle hair becomes more prone to hair fall and breakage. So, provide your hair some extra protection with a nice leave-in serum. These serums also strengthen and hydrate the hair.

Consider Putting a Satin or Silk Scarf under Your Winter Hat

make your hair and scalp winter-ready

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I have done this practice for a couple of months now and I have witnessed a vivid improvement in preventing the split ends. Silk is soft while cotton and wool are comparatively coarse materials and can promote hair breakage and split ends. So, line your winter cap with a nice silk scarf.

Consider Using a Dry Shampoo to Boost Volume

make your hair and scalp winter-ready

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If you are one of those people who have oily hair, you must have experienced that extraordinary limp and lifeless hair in winter. This hair condition provokes you to use more shampoo a lesser conditioner. I would suggest using a good quality spray or a thickening tonic and help your hair become more voluminous and thick. Dry shampoos do a great job to enhance hair volume and expand the shaft of the hair.

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Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

make your hair and scalp winter-ready

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Yes, you have heard this very tip enough already, but I’m still going to reiterate and emphasize it again. In the colder months, the hair gets moisture-deprived and lifeless and both chilly winds and the indoor heating systems are the culprits. Moisturizing frequently is the key. Use deep moisturizing masks, oils, leave-in conditioners, serums, and so on. Consider using jojoba oil and argan oil. They are the best moisturizing agents and prevent hair breakage.

Hydrate the Hair Overnight

make your hair and scalp winter-ready

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Dry winter air leeches essential moisture from the skin as well as hair. Overnight hydration can work wonders with your hair texture, volume, and shine. Grab an old pillowcase and get set for night hydration regimen. To avoid friction, cover your hair with a silk scarf or a sleep bonnet. It will keep the moisture intact. I have essentially added overnight hydration to my hair care regimen and trust me it’s not that hard. With the last show that I watch on my Optimum cable, I massage my hair with a nice serum. By the end of the show, I’m done with the application.