5 Secrets to Timeless Style Revealed by Los Angeles Tailor and Designer Saverio Pisano

Los Angeles Tailor and Designer Saverio Pisano

Timeless style is made up of classic, essential pieces, that are perfectly tailored and never look dated.  The custom garments are universally flattering, comfortable, and make excellent investments. When a person is wearing a tailored garment, it can be emotionally powerful.

The impact is based on how the person carries themselves in the clothes they wear. We can instantly tell if the clothes are wearing the person or if the person is wearing the clothes. “The secret is in the patternmaking of the garment and the work that is done by hand,” says Saverio Pisano, designer and custom tailor based in Los Angeles.

Understanding the Difference Between Trends and Timeless Style

What is the secret to timeless style?  Every season a new fashion trend is born that is diverse with details that are meant to stand out with a true personality of the creator. People who seek custom garments and haute couture are eager to be noticed.

The secret to a designer’s success is how we interpret fashion. Like any other form of art, it is necessary to master the technique of patterns.  An artist that also understands patternmaking has the ability to create timeless works of art that are the vision of the designer and the discerning client.

Be Creative – Even Spiritual in Expressing Your Style

Those that have taken on the challenge of getting dressed and dressed-up each day understand that they need to be creative and spiritual in the process. That is because taking care of ourselves, even in challenging circumstances, goes a long way in helping to keep our sprits high.

When we first get up in the morning, it might seem like a big effort to get dressed, perhaps do some exercise, the right accessories, and then start the day. It might seem like a big effort when few people might see us in person or only virtually.  The difference in the way you will feel is dramatic and empowering.  When you decide to have a timeless style, it doesn’t reflect a period of time or trend, but how you feel about yourself and the creativity within you.

Look to Cities with Your Personal Sense of Style for Inspiration

Being based in Los Angeles is considered a blessing by the custom tailor, since he is able to produce the same level of stylish garments that have been worn throughout the world by celebrities and high society.  “Having the opportunity to have worked and to currently work with men and women who embody a strong, yet an effortless sense of style is what I am grateful for every single day.

I am continually inspired to design and create dresses, suits, and gowns that communicates sophistication and power,” says Pisano. “I have always dreamed of being a great designer. In the middle of the night I often wake up to sketch models that were in my dreams and to make notes of the style in my vision. I was born to be an artist and feel blessed that my talent remains sought after.  Being creative is a gift and it makes me feel free.”

Understand That Couture Means Detail

Understand That Couture Means Detail

“One of the fastest ways to understand the quality of a jacket, suit, dress, or any item of clothing, is to take notice of the fabric pattern,” says Pisano.  Look at the line that runs from the lapel and see if there is one line. If you are not sure, remember that it should look artistically correct.

It should feel balanced.  Strips should be connected, and squares or patterns should align and meet each other in a pleasing way.  This should be the case for patterns that go in horizonal or vertical directions.

You See What You Cannot See

Pisano is different in the way he approaches details, carefully studying the form and the flow of the fabric.  Often clients do not see the specific details. For example, the line of the sleeve that meets a certain way.  In a couture jacket, there is a continuation of the sleeve and it will seem to effortlessly flow.  Pockets need special attention and can sometimes almost look invisible.  It is essential that the hem be completely straight.  “There are details that you cannot see unless you have a trained eye.  In reality, one can easily see a couture garment for it is a work of art,” says Pisano.

Saverio Pisano began his training as a fashion designer in Italy when he was five and a half years old.  Pisano developed his talent in Paris and Milan and then spent several years in Argentina dressing first ladies, diplomats, and high society.  He founded a prominent fashion design school in Argentina, called PISANO, and has written a well-respected book, The Tailoring Bible, on pattern making, a skill he considers essential to timeless style. Today, Pisano is focused on the Los Angeles fashion scene with his unique ability to create distinguished and everlasting style for women and men through his custom tailoring business.

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