Laser Devices For Skin

A Basic Overview of Your Skin Tightening Choices

What is skin tightening you may wonder? It is a family of skincare treatments designed to give your skin back some of its elasticity. When skin is young and supple it is able to stretch and hold its shape better. The aging process itself and also exposure to weather and other negative effects over the years can damage or destroy some of the substances that help skin hold its shape, including collagen. Loss of those substances is what makes your skin saggy or wrinkled, but in early stages, those wrinkles are often reversible without surgery. Here is more information about how skin tightening works and what common skin tightening methods are available to you.

What Makes Your Skin Loosen Or Tighten

 Laser Devices For Skin

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The primary thing that makes your skin become loose or saggy is a loss of collagen. Collagen is made by your body naturally, but it is made in higher quantities when you are young. When you get older, not only does production slow, but existing collagen can be damaged. That causes the decline of the condition of your skin. Collagen can be repaired. It can also be replaced, such as through injections into your skin. It is also possible for your body to be triggered to make more of its own collagen naturally. Skin tightening methods used in clinics typically focus on encouraging natural collagen increases and repairing skin damage. Some of the best treatments are able to do both simultaneously.

Laser Procedures Are Among The Top Skin Tightening Options

 Laser Devices For Skin

Lasers are very popular skin tightening devices. One reason is they provide easy alternatives to surgery. Surgery certainly has its place when skin sagging is severe, but moderate wrinkles can often be treated with a simple outpatient laser procedure. In fact, Laser Devices For Skin are so efficient that treatment can typically be performed in less than an hour. But the exact length and procedure involved will depend on your situation and the type of laser used. There are many different laser devices used in skincare clinics. Some treat specific wrinkles. Others tighten the skin in a more widespread way. They do so by either influencing existing collagen molecules to shift closer together or influencing your body to increase its production of collagen. Often, both goals are accomplished at once.

Laser Skin Tightening Device Types You May Encounter

 Laser Devices For Skin

Most laser devices fall into the broader categories of ablative or non-ablative lasers. In basic terms, that means lasers affecting or not affecting the outer layer of your skin. However, the ablative lasers that do affect that layer can also affect other layers. Two popular lasers within those categories are infra-red lasers and YAG lasers. If your skin is dark, a YAG laser is often a good choice for you. Certain other lasers have the potential to discolor dark skin.

Using Sound Waves To Achieve Tighter Skin

 Laser Devices For Skin

Another way to treat skin wrinkles or loosening is with sound waves. One typical type of sound wave used is radiofrequency treatment. The procedure works by using specific sound waves to “stir up” your cells and cause collagen bonds to tighten. Ultrasound is another type of sound wave procedure often seen in skincare clinics. Both options are milder than laser treatment. However, that can also mean they are less effective or more treatments may be required to achieve laser-like results.