Key Signs That Proves You Are Obsessed of Shoes

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People are obsessed with countless things, that includes, books, games, perfumes, houses, cars, and more. But things get fussy when someone says they are obsessed with shoes. Shoes and footwear are the most prestigious addition to human attire. The shoes add confidence and personality to fashion, which is a good thing. Where some people are extremely anxious about choosing a pair of shoes, some don’t even care about it. Plus, the shoes have become another symbol of fashion that is completely independent of the existing trends. Shoes hold their importance in fashion accessories.  They follow their drive and constantly add new features within different periods.

Apart from the color, appearance, and heel height, the primary thing that most people focus on is the comfortability of the feet in the shoes. Not the fact that all shoes come with this attribute, but it is only fulfilled after hard research and tryouts. This is also one of the reasons for people’s obsession with shoes. Although some prefer to shop from physical stores whereas some prefer online shoes Australia has the best to offer for its online shoppers.

With that said, let’s discuss 10 signs that answer your obsession with shoes.

Shoes And Outfit Combination

While some ignore this fact, but the truly obsessive people match their shoes with their outfits. No matter how hard it is to match shoes with clothing, you always find the color combination that abides by the colors and fashion rules. Moreover, you also make sure that your shoes stay on top of the attraction among people. Matching these shoes and outfits requires a great number of perception skills to decide the equivalent combination of chic fashion.

Purchasing More Is Never Enough

If it is to talk about those who never step back for sales and shopping for shoes, then they are the most obsessive ones. Shoe addict feels more congenial in purchasing more shoes rather than wearing them out. One of the reasons is their versed in different shoes which develops their interest in more. Shoe addicts will have more shoes than clothes in their closets.

High Brand Shoes

If you own high brand shoes like Prada or Manolo Blahnik then your passion is deeper than just obsession. Not just that, some women adore Carrie Bradshaw for her obsession with shoes in her famous TV shows. No matter how much these shoes cost, desire always leads the obsession. Branded high heels not only increase the height but also intensify the sophistication and fashion on your side.

Separate Closet For Shoes

Closet For Shoes

Another sign of your shoe obsession is the separate closet for shoes that are specially cared for and arranged in a corner. You are regularly told to donate these shoes, but in fact, they are the dearest to you. Shoe addicts are mostly those who collect shoes rather than wearing them. This hoarding obsession encourages your obsession for shoes and motivates you to collect as many branded pairs as possible.

Shoes For Different Occasions

An average shoe addict holds more than 30 pairs of shoes, which are all designed for multiple occasions. From the peep toes for ceremonial occasions to the stylish and party pumps, all count for the obsession lineup in your closet. Some compose their shoe collection just for bragging and showcase, while some women will explain this as a reason for adaptability to different occasions.

Shoe Sales

Another sign of your obsession with the shoes is satisfied by your presence in the shoe sales malls. In reality, the shoe sale is like a blissful dream that came true after a very long time. Sales are the only point where you can save the budget for more shoes. Moreover, shoe sales are the only profitable activity that allows you to add extra pairs to your shoe closet.

Judgment With Shoes

girls shoes

If you judge people with their shoes then you are truly obsessed with shoes. It’s ok that people perceive the judgment with attire, but shoe addicts always start from the shoes. Shoes represent the confidence and leadership qualities of a person. Many shoe addicts also consider and craft their shoes for others to make testimonials for them. Research at the University of Kansas explains that 90% of people’s personalities are determined by his or her footwear. In short, it is also a revolutionary aspect of fashion that people more rely on attire and shoes rather than physical personality.

Traveling With Shoes

Most shoe addicts portray a common trait by traveling with a separate suitcase of shoes wherever they go. This behavior explains the keenness and interest in the shoes that only the worthy can possess. Not just that, they also become extremely anxious to choose different shoes, because they love them all. The end result is the luggage bag filled on top with different pairs of shoes.

Online Researching Habits


The shoe admirers always make an active appearance on the internet, constantly researching and reading reviews about different shoes. No matter how hard they try to avoid and stay away from the curbs of addiction, their obsession will always put them back on. Being socially active encourages them to purchase a new pair each month. Moreover, the latest trends in chic fashion also extend the addiction to keeping up with friends and loved ones.

Last but not least, your phone gallery is always filled with downloaded or snapped pictures of feet in different shoes. These superabundant feet pictures on your phone explain your enthusiasm for shoes. Moreover, shoe indulgence leads you to take the pictures with every shoe you try in different malls. After that, these pictures help you to compare and identify which shoe suits you the best.

Shoes are more than just a fashion item. It is the adrenaline boost whenever we make ourselves to purchase a new pair. Not only that, but the shopping experience also broadens your knowledge of shoe composition. From the t-straps, ankle straps or peep toes, they all count down to the shoe items that are followed among the celebrity fashion.

Final Words

Finding a shoe that looks good and is well praised is easy. You will always find a shoe pair that you love the most. However, following the fashion age is becoming more complex day by day. The exhibition of the shoes is entertaining as well as perplexing at the same time. Some women never comprehend how some survive in those knee-high heels boots all day long. But in reality, it is the passion that substitutes the addiction in mind to constantly adore fashion or personality.

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