8 Japanese Clothing Brands That You Need to Know in 2023

Japanese clothing brands

Firstly, Japan was only famous for its technology, infrastructure, and it’s work discipline, but to add more to the list now comes to the fashion industry too. Tokyo street style fashion is the best example to explain the scenario of fashion trends in Japan. From haute couture to casual wear, Japanese clothing is creating a separate fan base. People from all over the world are starving to try on Japanese clothing brands. If you are in Japan right now, then you can just roam around the streets and shop from the street and departmental stores.

If you aren’t in Japan to visit the store then buy online, it may take some time to reach you, but always remember ‘great things take time.’ See our real-life tips on how to shop online like a pro. These Japanese clothing stores will make you feel like you’re still on top of the latest fashions.

Below are eight popular Japanese clothing brands that are providing stylish and quality products and have a prominent place in the Japanese fashion industry.


Japanese clothing brands

Uniqlo, established in 1949, is one of the most-sought Japanese brands. It will always top in the list of Japanese clothing brands. Why? It is an inexpensive brand with quality products. Their main focus is on using premium quality fabrics. This manufacturer and retailer brand has over 800 stores in Japan and over 900 stores in Asia, the USA, and Europe.

They provide everything from active wear to sleepwear, and from casual wear to formal wear that too with the great value of money. You can say, it will provide you apparel worth ten times its cost. The fashion mantra of the brand revolves around being minimalist and innovative.

Comme des Garcons

Japanese clothing brands

Comme des Garcons was founded in 1969 by the fashion stylist Rei Kawakubo. This isn’t an ordinary brand; the theme of Met Gala in 2017 was based on this brand and its founder. This brand is located in London, Paris, NY, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo. It has covered all the fashion capitals.

At first, the brand focused only on the luxury line, but as time passed, they started launching their affordable collections, in order to expand its customer fan base. The best sellers of this brand are its classic jeans and trench coats.


Japanese clothing brands

Wego, a Tokyo based brand established in 1994 has a whole new approach to fashion. It has around 150 stores in Japan and is popular among young adults. Its aim is to render the casual Harajuku style at affordable prices. It is one of the trendiest clothing brands in Tokyo.

It is a fast-fashion store with clothing highlighting the hipster and trendy styles. If you always wanted to wear a standard Harajuku style jacket – head on to WEGO. It has become a hot spot for shopping among youngsters in Japan.


Japanese clothing brands

The brand established in 1974, doesn’t only focus on fashion but also on interior decor, furniture, accessories, and shoes too. This brand provides daily wear clothing at affordable prices. It has over 140 stores across Japan, China, Hong Kong, Milan, New York, and Paris.

This brand had its start with a departmental store, and now it has mega-brand stores across the nation. The clothing style represents the Japanese twist in them. It focuses more on casual and street style (one of the reasons it is lit in North America). B:Ming, its sister store, focuses on men, women, to kids and infant wear.


Japanese clothing brands

A sister concern of Uniqlo’s brand established in 1973 is more wallet-friendly than Uniqlo. It is the first love of Japanese girls. It has over 400 stores across the country. The name GU is a pun of the word “jiyu” (Japanese word), which means ‘freedom’ – free from high-cost clothing.

It manufactures more trendy and stylish products than its sister store and that too at more wallet-friendly prices. For instance, it has tops starting from $5 and jeans from $20.


Japanese clothing brands

The company formed in 1980, with household goods, apparel, and food. The brand name “MUJI” means no-brand quality products. Its sole aim is to provide quality products without any alteration and compromise.

The label works on three core principles: 1) Selection of materials, 2) Streamlining of processes, and 3) Simplification of packages. Though it is more famous for household goods, it is gaining its standard place in the clothing industry. As it aims at delivering the apparel made with high-yield cotton, making them eco-friendly and long-lasting.

United Arrows

Japanese clothing brands

1989 is the formation year of this label, and since then it is providing the out of the box fashion. It has many sub-brands selling lifestyle and beauty products. In short, it will take care of all your needs, from outfit selection to last moment touch-ups.

The main focus of this label is to infuse the spirit and taste of Japanese culture to the world. The best sellers of the label are its suits. This company provides ensembles that range from jeans and t-shirts to blazers and suits.


Japanese clothing brands

Snidel was founded in 2005 by the mash style lab and focuses only on ladies’ wear. This brand has the collection that every urban woman dreams of – innovative cuts and street style accents. The collection it has is perfect for the one who approaches the fashion from the feminine and minimalistic side.

Above are the top eight Japanese clothing brands that you should consider for buying. Many of them have stores all around the world or can also be purchased from their virtual stores.

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