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How to Work the Hottest Summer Style Trends Into Your Office Attire

Summer is officially here and as hot as the weather is the latest trends, here are the hottest summer style trends which include shells, candy colors, polka dots, cheap sunglasses, DIY necklace, peasant-style tops and skirts, and jelly footwear. If you wish to look quite fashionable and trendy this season, these are the musts you have to include in your daily style.

But do you work in a serious corporate environment? Don’t you worry because, by adopting a strategic approach, you can easily make these trendy summer pieces work for your working girl style? Here’s how to do it.

Add A Little Structure To Peasant-style Skirts

hottest summer style trends


Achieve a Bohemian-chic vibe that is just right for the office by pairing your long and flowy peasant-style skirts with a structured blazer. Wear sandals with chunky heels for added height and a touch of formality.

You can take this look up a notch by wearing statement jewelry such as an ebony necklace or wooden hoop earrings.

Pair Polka Dots With Stripes

hottest summer style trends


You can totally pull this look off for work as long as you follow the rules of proportion, say professional fashion stylists. If you are going big with the polka dots, go small with the stripes, and vice versa. Also, make sure that they have similar hues to make the entire look cohesive and not too visually assaulting.

Polish this style by wearing a pair of bold-colored pumps to match your summer lipstick.

Go Monochromatic When Wearing Jelly Shoes

hottest summer style trends


Jelly shoes are a little tricky to use for work but, with the right treatment, they can look mature and professional. The key to rocking jelly shoes even when it is not Casual Friday is by opting for a monochromatic ensemble and making sure that the shoes have chunky heels.

If your company does not mind seeing a touch of whimsy in their employee getup, try dressing up your jelly shoes by wearing nice socks similar to the colour of the shoes. This makes for a 1950s office girl look.

Use Funky Specs To Protect Your Eyes And For A Touch Of Fun

hottest summer style trends


You may be more inclined toward designer sunglasses when you want to look stylish on your way to work, but for this summer, those high-end specs would just have to stay in their cases. The affordable and funky options are currently all the rage.

Protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun by wearing everything from heart-shaped glasses that you can buy from Daiso to glittered Wayfarers from local retail stores or online shops. When it comes to summer eyewear this 2018, the cheaper and weirder, the better.

These fun sunglasses are a great way to make your serious work outfits more youthful and interesting.

Tone Down Florals With Neutrals

hottest summer style trends


Florals are a fashion necessity this season, but they do have the tendency to look too “cocktail-y.” To make fresh floral pieces work-appropriate, the easiest way to do it is by pairing them with neutrals like beige, white, black, brown, grey, and navy blue.

You can never go wrong with pencil or A-line skirts, and cardigans or blazers in neutral colours to give florals a more professional appeal.

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Enhance Your Form When Wearing Candy-coloured Pieces

hottest summer style trends


Pastel pink, baby blue, lavender, periwinkle, sherbet orange, and yellow hues are just some of the hot candy colours for the season. These colours have the tendency to appear “too young,” but if you choose pieces in these shades that are structured to flatter your shape, they automatically take on a more mature vibe.

Pantsuits and pencil skirts still look professional even if they are in soft pastel or candy colours. Ditto with fitted cardigans, dresses, and even belts and high heels.

So there — the best fashion tips to follow so you can restyle your style by getting in on the hottest trends for this summer. With these, you will look on trend yet still polished and professional for your job in the corporate realm.


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