How to Wash Sports Shoes in Washing Machine without Damaging?

how to wash sports shoes in washing machine

Sports shoes got too nasty or frowzy? But lazy to wash? No worries. We will let you know the practical way on how to wash sports shoes in washing machine.

Yes, you read it right. You can wash your sports shoes by putting them into your washing machine, and you don’t need to put much effort.

Most people get afraid of their lovely, supporting shoes will gonna be damaged by the machine. But from our practical experience, we can assure you that you can wash any sports shoes or sneakers in the machine and wash them without any damage.

So, let’s take you to the in-depth details.

What Type of Shoes Are Machine Washable?

Well, before jumping into the washing steps, be sure that your shoes are machine washable or not.

Mostly, you can wash your sports shoes, sneakers in the washing machine. But if yours are leather shoes, don’t dare to wash them in the machine. It will ruin the leather and squeeze the upper sole. So, it would help to clean your leather shoes by hand or using any damp towel.

Also, you can’t wash any plastic sole shoes or boots inside the machine. You have to hand wash them.

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How to Wash Sports Shoes in Washing Machine?

how to wash sports shoes in washing machine

Without dragging further, let’s start the steps for washing your sports shoes most straightforwardly. Just follow each step serially to get the proper clean and new-looking shoe.

Tools You May Need

Have a glance at the few simple toolkits you might need.

  • A pillow bag/laundry bag
  • Liquid detergent /powder detergent
  • Old towel
  • Soft brush to rub
  • The washing machine

Step-1: Bang of the Dry Dust

The first task is to bang off two shoes together to clear out all the dry dust particles from the shoe. Now, you might be thinking, if we are washing with the machine then, why need to do this crap.

Well, if you don’t clear out the dust before putting into the machine, the particles may scratch on the machine or make the interior part dirty.

So, better to thump both shoes together once or twice. And you will see the dry dust particles falling off.

Step-2: Clean the Sole with a Soft Brush

how to wash sports shoes in washing machine

This step is optional. Now, if your shoes are too dirty and have not been cleaned for a long time, then you must make some efforts to follow this step.

Take a soft brush or stiff brush. Gently rub on the sole shoe area. You don’t have to rub or scrub hard. This rubbing also makes the specks of dirt being soft and comes out from the shoe quickly. And for the rest, your machine will be doing its best.

Step-3: Take out the Insole &  the Lace

how to wash sports shoes in washing machine

Take out the insole from inside the shoe. Wash the shoe insole separately. If the insoles are not machine washable, you can use any brush to clean them.

And if they are machine washable, wash them separately. You can also take off the shoelaces provided that they can be tangled. Or, you can keep the laces firmly tied with each other shoes.

Don’t over tie them that may take a long time to open up later.

Step-4: Put the Shoes into the Machine

how to wash sports shoes in washing machine

Now, take a laundry bag and put the shoes inside it. If possible, take two laundry bags for each shoe in case you have taken out the shoelaces. Put the bag/bags inside the machine

Oh! If you don’t have any laundry bag, no problem. Take a pillow cover and put the shoes inside the pillow cover.

Here, one thing to remember. If your shoes are white, then use a white pillow cover to avoid stains.

Put one or two old towels with the shoes so that the shoes won’t be bumping and hitting the machine’s sidewalls.

You can also put some other minimal clothes instead of a towel. It is just to avoid the bumping and noise by the shoes.

Step-5: Setting the Machine

how to wash sports shoes in washing machine

Set your washing machine in the soft cold water. In some washing machines, it is written as Kalt. Rotate the regulator button and set it on Kalt.

Set the rolling cycle to the lowest mode. If your machine is a Germany one, set it to Schleudern mode.

Put half a cup of liquid detergent or any powder detergent.

Then, start the machine. This washing process may take around 30 to 40 minutes to wash. This timing can slightly vary from machine to machine.

Step-6: Dry out the Shoes

how to wash sports shoes in washing machine

After the machine stops, take out the bags. Carefully take out the shoes; they are wet and soaked in water.

Leave it under the sun to dry. It may take an entire day to dry your shoes, but it can take more than one day to dry out if you are from a colder region.

Never dry your shoes in the machine dryer. Air dry or dry under the heat of the sun.

Final Words

You may not like to play with your nasty, frowzy shoes. You will not wish to bother your co-players by the frowziness of your shoes. No matter how clean you try to keep, your shoes can smell bad due to the body sweat also.

But if you are too lazy to wash your sports sneakers, you can wash them in the machine. And in this article, we have shown how to wash sports shoes in a washing machine with a step by step guideline.

Read it and clean your shoes to get back that shiny, glazy shoe again!

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