Daith Ear Piercing: Everything You Need to Know

daith piercing jewelry

Daith piercing has become very prominent in a couple of years. The reason for its popularity is that it looks unique and trendy. Daith piercing is done on the inner fold of cartilage just above the opening of the ear canal. This piercing is however a little painful as compared to other piercings due to the thick cartilage.

There are different designs available for daith piercing. You can go for the basic captive bead ring or ball closure ring. You can also look for the circular designs. There are also designs that show a more bejeweled look, making the daith earring suitable even for formal events. When you decide to buy the daith piercing jewelry, you can consider your need and taste. The useful research and considerations help you to choose the right one that perfectly suits your personality. To style your body piercing jewelry for a gorgeous and trendy look here are some ideas:

1) Captive Bead Ring

Captive Bead Ring

The basic captive bead ring looks simple yet elegant. It is a plain ring with a single bead. If you want to keep your daith piercing simple, go for it.

2) Moon Daith

Moon Daith

It is an amazing piece of jewelry for your daith piercing. It looks great as an individual piece of jewelry and in combination with a couple of traditional star-shaped earrings.

3) Daith Floral Piercing Jewellery

Daith Floral Piercing Jewellery

This cute type of piercing with stylized petals will be a catchy addition to your ear piercing. This floral jewelry is light, delicate, and pretty.

4) Double Daith Piercing

Double Daith Piercing

This kind of piercing looks very unique. In this piercing you can wear double rings. One of the problems while doing this piercing is that not every one has the space on their daith cartilage for double piercing.

5) Tiny Heart Daith Piercing

Tiny Heart Daith Piercing

The heart is one of the most popular shapes in the jewelry for daith piercing. Tiny heart shaped jewellery look super cute. Try a simple smooth design, a rainbow heart, or a black earring with one bead or a stone.

6) Diamond Daith Jewelry

Diamond Daith Jewelry

It is always said that diamond is a girl’s best friend. So how can we ignore Diamond? This trend ever fades away. right? So one of the ways to style your daith piercing is to choose a diamond piece for it. There is no need for any complementary details with a simple diamond studded ring for your daith piercing.

7) Rose Gold Ring

Rose Gold Ring

A rose gold coloured ring would go perfectly well with your daith piercing. This jewellery is also unique and stylish.

8) Straight Gold Barbell

Straight Gold Barbell

This classic straight barbell is a trending jewellery in daith piercing jewellery. It looks different and catches everyone’s attention as it is a unique kind of jewellery.

If you can bear pain and discomfort for a longer period than try this kind of piercing otherwise do not try it.

Author Bio: Freida is a creative writer and a fashion enthusiast. she encourages her readers to get their best style and fashion statements be sharing personal tips. she gives the scoop on fashion and jewelry trends. In case you missed it!

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