How to Stretch Out Jeans Easily? (Without Cutting or Sewing)


What are jeans? An essential wardrobe element for every man and woman out there. You can never feel enough of having jeans, different shades, and styles (we want them all). However, there are times when they get too tight. It can be from anywhere, waist, hip, booty, knee area, or even ankle.

What to do after that? Throw them? Obviously not! Instead, you can stretch jeans upto few inches. Yes, that’s true. You can stretch jeans even from the waist. Let’s say you bought jeans with the waist of 28 but now your waist is somewhere near 29.5 to 30 inches, still, throwing is not an option.

Here in this article, I am going to show (describe) you how to stretch jeans. No cutting or sewing required! Let’s get going,

Way to Stretch Out Jeans Easily

How to Stretch Out Jeans Easily?

Time Required: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Cost: Free

Material and Things Needed:

Spray bottle,

Lukewarm water,

Your jeans (and a bit on energy).

How to Stretch Out Jeans Easily

1. Using Lukewarm Water 

Step 1: Get your jeans, lay them on the floor, and spray the lukewarm water on the area you want to stretch. 

Step 2: Now start stretching the areas, be it waist, hips, or ankle. You can also directly wear the jeans to loosen the fabric of jeans. After wearing do squats, go dancing and jumping for it to stretch.

Using Lukewarm Water  to Stretch Out Jeans Easily

2. Bath in your Jeans

Step 1: Put on your jeans, anyhow. (Just don’t die! HAHA!)

Step 2: Take a warm shower or sprinkle the lukewarm water in the area to stretch.

Step 3: Let it dry on you for around 30 minutes and remove it. In this time span, make sure you do the movement of legs, walk, run, dance, jump, stretch whatever you want, just don’t sit ideal.

Bath in your Jeans to Stretch Out Jeans Easily

3. Wear Wet Jeans

Step 1: Wet your jeans in lukewarm water.

Step 2: Put them on (anyhow!).

Step 3: Stretch out the jeans by exercising or continuous leg movements (for 30 minutes).

Step 4: Let it air dry.

Wear Wet Jeans to Stretch Out Jeans Easily

4. Wear Hot Jeans

If wearing wet jeans or getting wet in them bothers you, this method might help you. Dry your jeans with a hairdryer or iron, and put them on instantly. The heat will loosen the fabric and it can easily be stretch it.

Wear Hot Jeans to Stretch Out Jeans Easily

Here’s Your Stretched Skinny Jeans:

These were few tricks with help of which you can stretch the jeans and wear them comfortably. Avoid using a clothes dryer on jeans as it will make jeans to shrink. The first method described is effective and easy to perform. 

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