How to Scrunch Hair at Home and Overnight? (2 Different Methods)


Having silky and smooth hair is a blessing, but what about frizzy and dry hair? It is a blessing in disguise. You may not be knowing, the hairstyles done in frizzy hair stands out in a glamorous way!

Scrunched hairstyle is also one of them. You can also slay Emmy Rossum’s scrunched hairstyles. No, you don’t have to pay a visit to the salon. Do it yourself! Oh! We know you are here to learn that only! Whether you have silky hair or frizzy, after reading this article you will be able to scrunch hair.

How to scrunch hair? Basically, you will need shampoo, conditioner, and some hairstyling products, but not electrical appliances at all. So let’s see how you can slay the new  look.

How to Scrunch Hair at Home?

Scrunching hair at home is easy-peasy work. You can get the look, straight after you wash the hair. Here’s the step by step method to scrunch hair at home.

1. Wash your hair

Wash hair

Yeah, it seems basic but as I said you will be able to do the hairstyling after the hair wash. So wash your hair with the shampoo. Also don’t forget to condition your hair, it will make it look shiny.

Now use a microfibre towel and start drying your hair. All you have to do is remove the excess water from the hair and frizz too. Now how to do that? Take a towel and scrunch your hair with it. This way it will remove the excess water and you will have more curls hanging.

Apply leave-in if you accidentally dried too much. The concept is to keep the curls hydrated. You can use it, even if it is not the case, it will lock the mist in the curls.

2. Apply Mousse

Apply Mousse to hair

After hair wash a problem that we all face is tangled hair. Detangle your hair, but using a wide toothed comb, as a brush will straighten your hair and the entire look will be gone. After that, it’s time to apply mousse.

Using volumizing mousse will create a volume in the hair. Take a handful amount of mousse on the hand, rub it and apply generously on the hair, for technique you should follow crumbling only.

3. Dry your hair

Dry your hair

Now you will be having voluminous and a bit wet hair. Let it dry but don’t forget to scrunch hair with your hands at the interval of 5 to 10 minutes. You can blow dry your hair too, but with the lowest heat available, and don’t forget to use the diffuser pump it will keep the frizz away.

Even while blow drying, you will have to scrunch your hair with hands and in the same pattern. Grab all the sections of the hair even the smallest one, to get the exact and even look. As soon as your hair is dry to touch, apply hair serum for the smoothened look.

Take the serum, rub it on the hands and apply with the scrunching motion only. You can also use hair setting spray. To lock the look.

Here you have the scrunched hairstyle to slay!

How to Have Scrunched Hairstyle Overnight?

Yes, you can achieve this look in just a night. If you have a party or meeting to attend next morning, and you want to try something different to impress them, you can go for this method. And this method works best for the one with straight hair.

How to Have Scrunched Hairstyle Overnight

Step 1: Wash your hair, and dry it with a towel. Dry until all the excess wetness is removed with squeezing motion, you will have to stop when your hair is damp as opposed to wet. Now, detangle your hair with a wide toothed comb.

Step 2: Here comes the real work to do, pick the sections of hair and roll them into buns, tightly. The size of sections will give you the loose curl or tight curl look. To have loose curls, you can tie larger sections into buns and for tight curls pick the small sections and turn them into buns.


Step 3: Once you are done with the buns, spritz the hairspray to hold the curls. And leave it as it is, the entire night.

Next morning, undo the buns and scrunch hair with hands (after flipping head upside down too!). It will give the texture and bounce to the hairstyle. Now apply hair serum for the smoothness.

How to Scrunch Hair at Home and Overnight

Tada! Slay the scrunched hairstyle.

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