4-Week Routine for Growing a Beard Faster Like Dan Bilzerian

How to Grow Beard Faster

Beard has been in trend for the past few years. Men are going crazy for the same. Okay! Not only men but women also get attracted to the bearded man. Now the question that comes to mind is why is that so? Why is beard given so much attention? Just because it is in trend? No, because a beard is considered as the symbol of masculinity, confidence, wisdom, and strength. It also gives the rebellious and sophisticated look.

How to Grow Beard Faster

Many celebrities have grown their beard well, and people are admiring it. But Dan Bilzerian’s. Beard is that everyone wants to have. Dan Bilzerian Beard is sleeky and edgy. He is a famous Armenian-American internet sensation. To keep his Instagram on point, all he needs is a full and perfectly shaped beard. Many people want to see Dan Bilzerian without beard. 

Beard undoubtedly gives a sophisticated look. You can also get that look by growing your beard. Sometimes it gets frustrating when you can’t have a full or lush beard as you like. But it is okay and very reasonable too. Don’t lose hope and follow the following steps on ‘How to Grow Beard Faster’:-

(Before starting, we would like to let you know, and these steps are bifurcated in a four-week procedure)

Step 1 | Week 1 – Health Care

Health Care

First, recognize your facial hair growth type. If it is growing correctly then directly, you can jump to the shaping part, but if not, then follow the steps accordingly.

Health care is a foremost, and necessary thing to do as a healthy diet does effect on hair growth. You would have heard about the testosterone level; eating healthy will help in weight loss. When the weight is losing, it will boost the testosterone level, and it will help in the growth of facial hair. But do remember you will have to follow this healthy diet thing for the entire life as one week diet won’t help you in achieving the look for the whole life.

Some vitamins can improve the growth of facial hair with its intake. They are as follows:-

  • Vitamin A and Beta A Carotene: these vitamins help in repairing the skin tissues and helps facial hair to grow. The food that contains these vitamins are carrots, egg yolks, sweet potatoes, spinach, and kale.
  • Vitamin C and E: These vitamins discrete Sebum, the natural oil produced by humans, and that helps in the faster growth of hair. The food that contains these vitamins are citrus fruits, peanut butter, spinach, mangoes, green peppers, broccoli, almonds, and sunflower seeds.
  • Vitamin B, B5, B6, B12, and Biotin: These are some of the B vitamins that ensure healthy hair growth and reverses the hair loss. The food that contains these vitamins are fish, eggs, poultry, brown rice, oatmeals, nuts, and wheat germs.

Apart from these, sleep and exercise are also necessary for a healthy life. And importantly relieve your stress up to the maximum level. As stress is a significant reason for the hair loss as it releases the cortisone (stress hormones) which leads to hair fall.

Step 2 | Week 2 – Welcome the Beard

How to Grow Beard Faster

After the one week of the healthy diet, you will notice the hair growth on your facial skin. Now it is time to welcome the beard. Wait before going on to that point important tip continue the healthy diet don’t leave it in the middle

Once the hair growth starts to kick-off, you will have to have to take care of that too. Regular skincare routine is a must. Wash your face twice a day. Exfoliation once a week will help in removing dead skin cells and will stop the ingrown hair. There is one thing that you should keep in mind, “ingrown hair won’t ever allow the healthy growth of beard.”

Another thing you will need to do is oiling. Yep. Oiling beard for 15-20 minutes will help in giving nourishment to your beard. You can either use beard oil or regular amla oil.

Step 3 |  Week 3 – Growing Stage

Growing Stage Of Beard

Now when the beard is growing well don’t stop the routine of steps 1 and 2. Continue it for the lifetime or till you want the lush, full beard. This is the most crucial stage for those who are growing beard and that too for the first time.

You will feel the urge to cut it off or maybe to trim it but control yourself and let it grow. Keep the oiling routine continue along with a healthy diet. You feel itchy during the time but make sure you don’t start itching as it well make your hair fall out and you will have to wait for another week or two. To avoid itching, exfoliation is the best option.

Step 4 | Week 4 – Shaping

Shaping of beard

Before moving onto shaping things, determine whether your beard is on that stage or not, we mean if it is properly grown, then you can move on to it. And if it still needs care, wait for another week and let it grow properly. 

And if you are ready to go then following are the steps that you need to follow for the perfect shaping of your beard:-

  • First, you will have to comb your beard hair with the beard comb.
  • Take your beard clipper and set it to the lowest so that there isn’t any mistake. Start from the beginning of the beard to cheeks and then to the temple, make sure both sides are equal.
  • To have a chopped look, take scissors and trim the outer part of the beard.
  • And then the final step, remove any excess or unwanted hair for the clean look. And here you go! You are ready with Dan Bilzerian’s beard look.

Dan Bilzerian

This is not the end after shaping is done, you will need to groom it properly, and care is necessary for the healthy beard. And one more thing beard + mustache is the best combination. There are many beard care products available that you can use.

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