How to Get New Glasses Fast

New Glasses

If visiting an eyeglass shop is not possible, and you’re wondering about how to get new glasses fast, then listen up. You can skip the long line and just wait in the comfort of your home by ordering glasses online.

May it be fashion sunglasses or prescription glasses, there’s always a way to get good glasses fast. To make the process faster, easier, and avoid delays, here are some tips you should do on how to get new glasses quickly.

Tips on How to Get New Glasses Fast

1. Get Your Prescription and P.D.

Get Your Prescription and P.D.

To avoid any delays, the first step is to know your prescription and P.D. (Pupillary Distance or the space between your eyes). This means you have an unexpired eye prescription, or you had your eyes checked recently.

If you have your latest prescription and P.D., then you’re good to go. But if you only plan to buy fashionable sunglasses, then you won’t need a prescription.

Here’s what you need to know about eye prescriptions so you can get your new glasses fast.

  • Eye Prescription: When it comes to eye prescription, optometrists or ophthalmologists’ industry standard is to recommend an expiration date of a minimum of one year or a maximum of two years. The expiration date is decided upon by your eye doctor, and this may be verbally advised or written on the prescription.
  • Expired Prescriptions: If you have an expired prescription, book an appointment with your eye doctor. The prescription usually has cylinder power, sphere power, axis, Pupillary Distance, and any addition.
  • Misplaced Prescriptions: If you had your eyes checked recently, but you misplaced your prescription, simply call your eye doctor. They are required to keep records of their patient’s prescriptions, and you may request it and have it sent to your email.

2. Choose a Frame That Works for Your Face

Choose a Frame That Works for Your Face

Once you obtain your eye prescription, then you’re ready to shop online. Choose an online store that delivers glasses in 24 hours and check out the many options. Also, choose a store that can deliver the fastest even with complex prescription and lens combinations.

It may be hard for you to decide which style and frame suit your face because of the many options. But with the recommended frame style of your shape’s face using the Virtual Mirror or Try-On feature, you can come up with a decision in no time.

Which frame style suits your face shape? Here are the recommendations;

  • Round Face: Rectangle, square, clubmaster, and downline glasses
  • Square Face: Oval, round, clubmaster, and wayfarer glasses
  • Diamond Face: Aviator, oval, brownline, rimless, oversize eyeglasses
  • Oval Face: Aviator, square, browline glasses
  • Heart Face: Aviator, clubmaster, wayfarer, oval round, or glasses

Once you decide on the frame that suits your face, start looking for colors and patterns for your personal preference. To save time, and do some research and think of what you want before going online shopping.

3. Choose Your Lens

Choose Your Lens

As soon as you have decided on your ideal frame, it’s time to decide on your lenses and any addition you prefer. This comprises of;

  • Your prescription numbers: This includes the cylinder power, sphere power, axis, and pupillary distance. Enter the numbers for eye correction (nearsighted or farsighted) and if you have astigmatism.
  • Anti-scratch coating: The anti-scratch coating for lenses is a protective layer that makes it more durable and safe from any scratch.
  • Transition lenses: You can opt for transition lenses that cause the glasses to darken once exposed to U.V. rays. In short, the lenses get dark once you step outdoors, and it fades back once you step indoors.
  • Progressive Lenses: If you work in an office and sit on the computer for long hours, progressive lenses can help you. This is to avoid too much strain in your eyes and avoid your eyes from getting further damaged.
  • Multifocal Lenses: If you have presbyopia, the difficulty of seeing things from afar, or having difficulty seeing small prints, you should use multifocal lenses.

4. Order and Wait!

Order and Wait

Now that wasn’t too hard, was it? With the prescription, choosing a frame, and deciding on your lens, it’s time to order and wait for your new glasses.

There are online shops with express shipping options, and you can have your glasses delivered in 24 hours. But make sure to check the return policy, in case you’re not satisfied with the glasses you receive. Now you have to wait and enjoy the glasses you ordered online.

Bottom Line 

If you order glasses online, you can save up to 70% on retail prices, have more selection, and you could take your time choosing the best style and lenses suitable for your needs.

Why even bother driving to the store, get in long lines, and wait for a few hours, when you can just order online from the convenience of your home? This is the new normal in the digital world, thanks to the internet and gadgets.

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