A DIY Guide on How to Fray Your Jeans That too in 3-Steps Only

How to Fray Your Jeans

Tell us honestly, how much do you crave to try on new designs of denim? The trends keep on changing, from plain denim to ripped and now frayed. We gave you a guide on how to rip jeans at home (this is just a month old thing!), and now we are here again to help you out on how to fray your jeans.

Our fashion enthusiast thrive on trying on new things as soon as it gets in fashion. Frayed bottom jeans are one of them. It’s not like you can’t buy them from stores. It’s more like, why should you? Plain jeans will cost you between $7 to $40, while frayed jeans will cost you from around $44 to $100. Now you say which one is better. To get or to DIY!

The main thing is you can convert your old jeans into new frayed jeans within 5 to 10 minutes. Save the money you were going to spend on the frayed jeans, and get a new designer top. So without wasting time, we will come directly to the point.

Here we have written steps on how to fray the bottom of jeans that too within just 3 steps and under 5 to 10 minutes. We guarantee that after reading this blog, you will be able to show off your frayed handmade jeans.

First of all, things to keep with you before starting off:

  • Jeans,
  • Scissors,
  • Chalk,
  • and Sandpaper.

Step: 1 Pick Out Jeans

How to Fray Your Jeans

The first step is very obvious. Pick out the jeans, be it old or new, no issues. Just make sure it isn’t faded or looks too old. There is nothing specific about buying a new pair of jeans to fray or using the old one. The thing that matters is its look and fitting.

Step:2 Mark and Cut Out

How to Fray Your Jeans

After that, slip on the jeans and roughly mark the area with chalk according to the length you desire for! Then lay the jeans on the flat surface and mark the inches properly. (For ankle-length go for 2-3 inches above the hem.) After marking, cut the marked area using scissors. Make sure it’s not uneven.

Tip:- Here, we have shown the straight-edged bottom frayed jeans, but if you want to go for something bolder, feel free to cut the bottom of jeans unevenly. And if you are planning to cut the straight fit denim, then go for zigzag fray jeans.

Step: 3 Finishing

How to Fray Your Jeans

Now, the last part of the process. Pick up the sandpaper and start fraying the newly hemmed area. Don’t fray it much, as it will automatically shred after each wear and washes. For the natural look, scrunch the bottom of the jeans roughly. And now you are ready with the frayed jeans. Leave it as it is for an unfinished finished look.

Jeans is Wear Ready

How to Fray Your Jeans

Your old but new frayed denim is on your hands. What are you waiting for? Wear it and show-off your fashionista style to the world. Try our guide to transform your boring plain jeans into something more exciting and outgoing.

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