How to Fix Patchy Beard Fast with Proven Ways

how to fix patchy beard

Men are not into too much makeup but they do care about certain things. Like hairs as well as beards seems to be the most important thing that men are possessive of. Sadly not every man is blessed with a dense as well as a thick beard to style.

There are many people who actually suffer from patchy beard which basically means that the growth of the beard is not even. And moreover, they grow in patches that don’t look good at all and can even prove to be the biggest bummer in a man’s outlook.

You would feel relieved to know that there are certain ways following which you can actually make your beard at least appear thick. And not patchy so if you are wondering about how to fix patchy beard growth then here are some of the most effective ways listed below.

Give It Time

how to fix patchy beard

This is really surprising that men actually always run out of patience and most of the men have already lost all the hopes of having the dense beard. They have even stopped trying as well. It is a fact that the early beard growth always turns out to be patchy and most men do not like the way their beard look.

That’s the reason they always choose to clean-shave those beards ways too soon.

Well, you need to understand that nothing comes easy and everything happens at right time and even your beard needs some time to be dense. And if you would pluck them away before time then your dreams of having a dense beard would be shaved as well. So keep reading on how to fix patchy beard.

Own It

how to fix patchy beard

The case of patchy beard can come over and over again but that doesn’t mean you have to shave them out. Rather you need to love your beards even if they appear in patches.

If you want to fix your patchy beard then give them time and not wearing them off way too soon would help fill in those bald patches on your face.  This will help you get a face full of dense beard for sure. Make them your pride and you would never feel ashamed about your beards. Even plants need some time to grow and your beard deserves that enough time as well during which you need to love as well as care for your beard.

Grooming Would Help a Lot

how to fix patchy beard

Grooming is helpful in many ways and it would not only promote better growth of the beard but would also make sure that the beard is looking healthy. Its important to groom your beard if you want to fix your patchy beard. You would be amazed to know that grooming your beard on a regular basis would help you a lot in dealing with the patchy condition of the beard. Here grooming includes brushing your beard on a regular basis as it would promote beard growth.

Here grooming includes brushing your beard on a regular basis as it would promote beard growth.

This would also make sure that the blood circulation is out there as well. Other than this you need to be selective about the products that you use on your face. Also consider applying bread products properly on a daily basis.

Beard Products

how to fix patchy beard

Using beard products is a must as this would make sure that your beards are growing properly. They also guarantee great beard health and proper density of the beard.

Well, some of the great beard products have to be beard oil and beard cream. Also, go for a good beard shampoo as the regular face wash may not properly clean your beard. Apart from these, you can actually go for products that basically promote hair growth. So that you can receive hair growth both on your head as well as on your face. Essential oils, medicinal supplements, etc seem to be the best options to go with.


how to fix patchy beard

In general, the first thing that a human being tends to lose if his body receives insufficient nutrients is hair. It is really important to maintain your diet and make sure your body is receiving all the important nutrients.

Also, you can add on supplements as it helps a lot even if the food that you consume is not able to fulfill the nutritional requirements of the body. You need to add lots of nuts, fruits as well as colorful vegetables in your diet and also make sure that your body is getting enough protein.


how to fix patchy beard

Have you seen those gym trainers with dense thick beards? They look amazing, isn’t it? Well, they work out properly on a regular basis and that is the reason that they have proper beards.

And moreover, exercise helps a lot in maintaining your body and there is nothing in the body which won’t be benefited by proper workouts. It is so amazing that working out on a regular basis can actually help you in achieving a dense as well as voluminous beard.  This happens because by working out you actually regulate the blood circulation of your body which promotes hair growth. You should at least work out for 30 to 60 minutes a day for the best results.

There are many workouts that especially promote hair growth both in your head as well as in your face which you can try and get rest results.


how to fix patchy beard

Are you the one who always misses out on that enough sleep? Then it is a matter of concern as insufficient sleep can make you uncomfortable throughout the day and you may feel stressed.

It happens because hormonal circulation depends upon proper sleep so it is mandatory to get at least 8 hours of enough sleep.

Also make sure you do not think too much in between the time you rest. Make sure not to wake up in between sleep as it tends to not complete your sleep properly.

Say No to Stress

how to fix patchy beard

Well, humans would have tension and it is completely normal but some tension starts taking a bigger shape. This is because we start thinking about it over and over and soon it turns completely into stress.

This seems to be very dangerous for our body as well as for our health and sadly due to stress we may even get uneven growth of beard as well as hair.  So to live a healthy life, you have to avoid stress and to do so you can try some yoga. This helps a lot and it would also promote better health and would also look after your other complications.

You can also try meditation which seems to be the best ever solution for dealing with the stress. As meditation would relax your mind and at least for sometimes, you would be able to have peace of mind and meditation also sharpens your brain.

Beard Implants

If you are truly tired of trying all the above-mentioned things but still cannot get any visible positive result. Then it seems to be the only option for you that you can go with to get fuller as well as dense beard growth. Here you need to consult with a good plastic surgeon.

Here some strands of hairs would be taken from your head and then those hairs would be implanted on the bald patches on your face. To make your beard look fuller as well as denser. This is quite expensive for sure but because of this process, you would be able to get the best beard without even trying a bit. Most of the famous men with beards have tried this way and have received the best results from this process as well.

Hormone Therapy

how to fix patchy beard

Hormonal deficiency seems to be one of the most common causes of patchy beard growth. So most of the above-mentioned ways may not help you but if you would promote hormones. Then you may be able to experience better growth of the beard.

There are many ways to get hormonal therapies and the most effective way is by injections as it works faster than any other ways.

You can also try hormonal therapy medicines as well as creams as they help as well. But before getting into this treatment you need to be careful and should always consult with a good doctor as this process sometimes causes some health risks.

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