Handcrafted Rings for Men: Pieces with a Lot of Meaning

Handcrafted Rings for Men

A ring is an accessory with a lot of meaning: jewelry linked to commitment, with which we express values and ideas. A piece of jewelry more associated with women’s fashion, but which is increasingly also becoming a standard accessory for men. Although it is no longer exclusive as an engagement ring, the ring remains a piece of jewelry with a lot of symbolism.

On the other hand, the fashion industry has also evolved. Today, handcrafted and quality accessories are gaining ground over “fast fashion”. We value natural materials and attach value to the process.

As a result of the increasing demand for men’s rings and accessories and the greater sensitivity to materials and manufacturing processes, new brands are emerging to offer handcrafted rings for men.

Wood, an element to make each ring unique

Wood is a very malleable and resistant material that allows to create truly unique jewelry. Thanks to the natural grain of the wood, no two wooden rings are alike. Wood is also a very versatile material that can be colored and shaped in any way.

There are many types of wood, each one with its own characteristics, which gives its own style and meaning to every model. Very hard and heavy woods such as oak and other lighter woods such as olive wood.

Natural wood makes it possible to create pieces with a lot of meaning. One of the brands that caught our attention was Steelo Jewelry, which specializes in men’s rings. This Barcelona-based brand has a good number of designs of wooden rings for men, and all their designs have a meaning. Each ring model has its own concept or avatar.

Black, Men’s Favorite Color

Black Handcrafted Ring for Men

Doing some research and asking different brands of rings and men’s accessories shops like Steelo Jewelry, they all agree that black is the most demanded color for men.

Black can express power, elegance, prestige. This is firstly due to its sobriety, which conveys a strong and influential presence by focusing the attention of others to the wearer. In jewelry and rings, the color black offers us a lot of contrast, masculine pieces with a lot of strength.

Black Wood Rings for Men

Exploring a little bit, the catalogue of this brand of rings, we find some models that combine the black color with the use of wood as a central element of the design. The black color gives even more presence to the wood, we can appreciate every detail.

If we are looking for dark woods, we definitely should highlight ebony. Ebony is a dense black/brown hardwood, most commonly yielded by several species in the tropics.

Metal and Wooden Rings for Men

Metal and Wooden Rings for Men

Wood can be combined with any type of metal. We can find pieces with gold and silver, although the most common options for men are steel, damascus steel, titanium or tungsten.

Steel and tungsten are very hard and tough materials, capable of withstanding a frenetic pace of life without scratching. On the other hand, titanium is also very resistant but offers much lighter rings, especially recommended for sensitive skins.

Another striking combination is wood and Damascus Steel. The union of these two materials gives us very exotic designs with a lot of personality. During the manufacturing process of this type of steel, natural veins are formed, very similar to those of wood. The two materials are combined to create unique ring models.

Looking for the Perfect Design

Perfect Design for Handcrafted Rings for Men

Nowadays we can find an infinite number of designs, both in terms of materials and sizes. The materials will largely determine the price of each ring, and although handmade rings are made entirely or partially by hand, we can find good deals on the internet. Many local ring producers and designers have online shops and bring us offers from all over the world at a very affordable price.

In terms of design, we can find many options, but for men, large handmade rings stand out. Jewelry with a lot of presence and a certain weight, although we can also find lighter rings. The most common width is around 60 millimeters. The wide rings, allow us designs with various materials and with shapes and engravings.

As a final recommendation if you are looking for handmade men’s rings and want to buy from a local shop is to test their strength first, either by touching the ring or by checking reviews from other customers. The manufacturing process is manual and must be done correctly. But if you find a good artisan jeweler’s you can be sure that the ring will be with you for life.

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