Where to Buy Gemstone in Delhi

Gemstone in Delhi

Browse a wide range of Gemstones online India available at most competitive price. Dhanshree Gems is one of the best online shopping sites offering genuine Gemstones and providing quick delivery of Gemstone in Delhi. Shopping with Dhanshree Gems is very easy, just select your product, add to cart and pay in just 3 simple steps. We dispatch our products within 24-48 hours. We stock and supply one of the largest collection of natural precious and semi-precious gemstones in Delhi.

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Our products range are natural precious stones and semi-precious gemstones like Emerald Stone, Ruby Stone, Blue Sapphire Stone, Yellow Sapphire Stone, Red Coral, Amethyst Stone, Turquoise Stone (Firoza Stone), Tourmaline Stone, Blue Topaz Stone, Garnet Stone, Aquamarine Stone, Smoky Quartz Stone, Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye Stone, Sunela Stone, Opal Stone, Peridot Stone, Natural Pearl, Lemon Quartz Stone and many more precious and semi-precious gemstone. We also make Emerald Stone Rings, Sapphire Stone Rings, Ruby Stone Rings and precious stone beads necklaces & semi-precious stone jewelry.

We sell natural precious & semiprecious gemstones in Delhi. Our Gemstones give extraordinary energy for astrological uses.  Our all stones are certified by govt. of India’s recognized gem testing laboratory. We send every gemstone for testing in 3rd party gem testing laboratory.  We also provide lab’s original testing certificate to our buyer with purchased stones. Our buyer can check certification details of gemstones (with stone dimensions and photograph) on testing laboratory’s website from worldwide.

Why Buy Online Gemstone In India Feasible With Us?

When buying gemstones, it is said that you should buy from reliable stores so that you can get pure gemstones. In today’s busy human life, who has the time to go shop to check for good gemstones?  To make it easier for you, Dhanshree Gems sells the best quality gemstones online at very affordable prices which you can buy from the comfort of your bedroom. Buy Gemstone Online with Dhanshree Gems easily. You can even customize the gemstones and get them made as ornaments. Dhansree Gems website gives full information so that you can get yourself assured and then buy online Gemstones. We believe in selling only the finest quality gemstones. Buy gemstone online with us and enjoy your life.

With our awe-inspiring array of gemstones, we create a world of color, imagination, and beauty. On the one hand, we present a collection of timeless heritage jewelry seeped in Indian traditions. On the other, we offer spell-binding pieces that appeal to modern sensibilities. Revel in our unique gemstone rings and jewelry set in gold.

We know choosing a perfect gemstone is an extremely important decision. We aim to make our customer’s search as easy as possible and to educate the consumer about the variances between a natural and certified gemstone and an artificially enhanced or synthetic gem. Simply put, quality, rarity, and value are the keystones of our gemstone business. Our gemstones are natural, certified and untreated make us the best in the gemstone market for gemstone buying. These Gemstones have significantly more value and are far more stable in retaining that value over commercially treated sapphires. We directly bring the Gemstones to our customers from mines and reduce the cost of the middleman that itself reduce the cost of stone that you buy from us around 30 to 40 percent.

Dhanshree Gems specialties are – We believe in long-term relationships with customers. We sell Fresh Gemstones only. Through our best services, we get the standard name as Dhanshree Gems is the best Online Gemstone in India. We take careful note of our gemstones trends and customer feedback to bring you the best. We are a socially responsible company and we make sure all our gemstones are obtained from legitimate sources certified by the best labs in the world.

The gemstone you buy from us comes with a certificate of authenticity from the prestigious laboratories such as Gem Lab, IGI, GIA and more. The costs saved here reflect in our extremely low prices. We take great pride in our reputation and we offer only the highest quality sapphires and jewelry. We’re in the gemstone professional because we love what we do. We have a passion for natural gemstones. We love to work with the people who are as eager about our gemstones as we are! Dhanshree Gems always welcome you, Buy Gemstone Online with us. Always feel free to contact us with any query about our product and services. Happy Shopping!

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