Discover These Suitcase Staples for Your Favourite Celebrities

discover suitcase staples

If anyone knows how to travel in style, it is the A-listers on the world. Celebrities are always snapped at airports whether they are flying to film their latest blockbuster or jetting off for a luxury holiday to some exotic destination. Somehow, whoever they may be, these stars always manage to retain their style and good looks whenever they are seen at the airport, whereas most people feel like a mess after a long-haul flight.

So, what is their secret? While being rich will certainly help, you will also find that celebrities know what to pack in their suitcase and are travel experts, so there is a lot to learn from what they pack. Here are a few suitcase staples that your favourite celebrities will always have on them.


discover suitcase staples

When you see photos of celebrities at airports, more often than not, they will be wearing sunglasses. While this certainly helps them look stylish and cool, it is also highly practical because it can conceal signs of jetlag.

They are likely to be landing somewhere that is sunny and bright, and it helps to conceal their identity (although usually not for long!). There are a number of sunglasses styles that exude an air of luxury, including the oversized sunglasses loved by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Megan Markle, and classic aviator styles.

If you want to look the part and feel like an A-lister in your sunglasses, consider investing in a pair of Ray-Bans. Ray-ban is seen to be one of the most exclusive, luxurious brands to wear, so sporting a pair of beautiful sunglasses by this designer is sure to have people noticing you on your next getaway!

Sleeping Masks

discover suitcase staples

Do you ever break out or have your skin feel horrible after a long flight? You are not alone in this, and this is something that even celebrities experience, but many use a sleeping face mask on long-haul flights that will help them feel fresh when they land so that they look their best.

Ensuring you get adequate sleep while travelling is crucial for looking and feeling your best, as many celebrities know, and an eye mask designed to soothe you into sleep has to be featured in your suitcase. You may not be sitting in first class on your next flight, but you will certainly feel like it when you can close your eyes and shut out the world. Team your luxury sleeping mask with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to truly drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Interchangeable Outfits

discover suitcase staples

Celebrities always seem to look calm and composed at airports and rarely dragging multiple suitcases. While they certainly might have other people doing all the heavy lifting for them, Gwyneth Paltrow has mastered packing without checked luggage and instead simply takes a few interchangeable outfits with her (these could then be washed at the hotel).

This helps her look great without lug a huge suitcase around at all times – a smart idea. A capsule wardrobe is one key way to ensure you look fashionable and on trend without carrying several suitcases with you on your next getaway.

By creating a wardrobe where you can interchange your outfits across the week, you can feel fresh and ready for your next photo shoot, whether that’s on the beach, by the pool, or even while venturing through the airports!

Luxury Travel Pack

discover suitcase staples

Celebrities will always travel in style and will not be without a luxury travel pack in their luggage. This pack will contain everything that they need to look their best throughout the flight, such as travel toiletries, sleep aids, and accessories.

You can use your own travel pack planner to work out what the best items within your budget are so that you can travel in style without breaking the bank. Of course, you can also use the travel pack planner to see what items you should blow the budget on to feel like a celebrity on your next holiday.

Tea Tree Oil

discover suitcase staples

If anyone knows how to travel it is Meghan Markle – she has to fly constantly for work, but the Duchess of Sussex also has a passion for travel. She told Allure magazine that her best travel tip was to bring a small container of tea tree oil, which is a great multi-purpose product – “It’s not the most glamourous thing, but if you get a cut, a mosquito bite, a small breakout, no matter what it is, it’s my little cure-all.”

The next time that you are packing, keep these tips in mind and travel like your favourite celebrities.

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