Different Styles Of Women Santa Costume

women's santa elf costume
Christmas is just a month away and all are gearing up for this Big Day. Wearing a Santa costume is no more a thing only for children. Women too are equally slipping themselves in the best Santa costume possible. Before the onset of Christmas celebration, there are many online clothing companies coming up with different styles of women Santa costumes.


All we basically know is that a Santa costume is the typical one worn by Santa Claus. But with emerging trends, a hint of style has been infused in this attire too. This women’s Santa costume is categorized the following way:

  • Mrs. Santa Claus costume that includes a dress, hat, and apron
  • Deluxe Mrs. Santa costumes include dress, apron a and a hat
  • Budget Mrs. Santa comes with a felt dress, cape, belt and hat
  • Little Miss Santa has the dress, cape, hat, and a belt
  • Sweet Santa includes a dress and a hat

The color code of these Santa dresses is the conventional red but the styles in these women Santa costumes have undergone a lot of change. While some come with frills and ruffles, others come in an A-line cut or umbrella cut. Women Santa costumes also are available in the style of a skater dress and this style has gained a lot of prominences recently.

Pick up your style and get ready with all other Santa dress accessories along with your perfectly styles women Santa costume.

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