How Your Wardrobe Choices Could Help the World

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There are lots of things to consider when buying a new outfit. How often will I wear it? Do I have the right accessories to go with it? Can I afford it? One thing many people don’t consider is how this purchase will affect other people. Are you buying from a brand that pays their workers a fair wage, or is it coming from a company that just picks the lowest bidder to make all their clothes? Will my money go to keep hard-working people in employment or just making the boss of a global brand even richer? Here are some things you should consider when purchasing your next outfit.

Buy From Retailers That Give Back

Buy From Retailer

When you want to buy new clothes, consider buying from a brand that gives back. Charity t-shirts have always been popular. Ever since big events like Band-Aid brought out printed tops to help raise money, charities have been working with famous designers to produce new stylish designs. World-famous designers Henry Holland and Stella McCartney have both designed exclusive prints for the charity Comic Relief in recent years.

When you buy a charity t-shirt, it’s obvious you’re helping a good cause, but some brands quietly help charities by selling goods that are stylish in their own right. For example, Kindsox sells mens ankle socks that look like any other high-quality sock. The big difference is buying from their store helps them complete their mission of donating over a million pairs of socks every year to people who need them. Not only are they guaranteed to help a good cause, but the company also ensures they’ll be comfortable.

Buy Second-hand

Second-hand clothing, or “vintage fashion”, has become hugely popular over the last few years. Just like “throwback Thursday” and classic movies, some people prefer the style of things made twenty or thirty years ago compared to anything that’s made today. Many people say vintage clothing lasts longer and doesn’t fade in the wash as much of what was sold in those days was made out of more expensive materials.

As well as lasting longer and looking more stylish, you’ll rarely bump into someone wearing the same thing as you when you’re wearing vintage. By buying clothing someone has decided to throw out of your wardrobe, you’re also saving it from going to landfill and damaging the environment.

Consider whether You Need to Buy at All

Buy From Retailer

Fast fashion is an increasing problem across the world. These days many people buy something brand new, wear it for a few months and then throw it away before they get the chance to wear it the next year. As some big retailers can sell clothes cheaper than you can buy a cup of coffee, more and more pieces of clothing are being bought and disposed of. Before purchasing anything, consider whether you’ll get a lot of use out of it. It makes a lot more sense to save the money you’d spend on several cheaper pieces and spend it all on one more expensive piece that’ll have a place in your wardrobe for years.

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