Brownlow Medal of 2018: The Gallery Of Most Amusing Red Carpet Show

brownlow medal 2018

The meadow air of Melbourne is filled with excitement and smells a lot like the scent of new clothes. Well, it is probably due to one of the major red carpet walk down in 2018 i.e Brownlow Medal red carpet. It is the perfect eye candy for those who really enjoy watching familiar faces like a star cast walking down in the amusing style of fashion. And well, practically not every actor or actress would have worked with a solicit designer to dress for the evening. This is the reason that Brownlow medal is an amusing and unexpected sight to watch.

The Crown Palladium of Melbourne witnessed some good or as well as some bad fashion moments. But some of the memorable dresses have made a long-lasting impact like that of Jason Johannisen and partner Logan Shine. Also, Nadia Bartel posed for the red carpet showing off her baby bump. Nonetheless, there is more to the distant Brownlow medal of 2018 where the celebrities and their partners hit the red carpet like it was fashion runway. Let’s catch up on how well the red carpet event goes with all the buzz.



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