An Elementary Guide for the Shopping of Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

What’s the dream that every bride dreams of? A prince-like husband who will love her forever.

Oh, no not that one, you may not be knowing about this, or maybe you aren’t focusing on it.

The dream that every bride has for her big day is about having her bridesmaid ready elegantly alongside her. And obviously, beautiful photographs of her with her bridesmaid. The role of a bridesmaid is important; you will have to be on the side of the bride every time, no matter its rehearsal dinner, or bachelorette party.

The benefits of being bridesmaid include a bridesmaid outfit, dancing the heart out, see your girlfriend getting happily married, be her support and along with this you will have to be ready for hearing all the whining she has to do. Open a wine bottle and accompany her.

We can’t help you with other duties, but surely we can help you with the selection of bridesmaid dresses. You are going to be with your girlfriend for her big day; you should be at your best that day. But make sure your outfit doesn’t outlook the bride’s ensemble. So before going shopping for the bridesmaid outfits have a look at the bride’s outfit. Get different color palettes for bridesmaid clothing or go for the shades of the bride’s wedding gown.

And after that look at the list, we have made, it will help you in selecting the best of the outfits available. You can even take the inspiration from the images we have added, and it will work as Bridesmaid Dress Ideas if you want to get it custom made.

The list we have made is universal, follow it even if you want to get a custom made outfit or going to purchase it from store or online.

Check the list out:-

1. Pastel Colors

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Pastel colors are something that has always defined the elegant look of bridesmaid. Whether you want to with plain or printed ones, pastel colors add royalty to every look. In the pastel color palette, there are specific colors that are loved by everyone like baby blue, lilac, white, grey, pink, mint, etc.

2. Boho Print

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Fashion designers have promoted boho prints in every fashion show held this year. Boho prints allow you to go bold with colors as well as accessories and all this will lead to bold and beautiful outfits. When you have decided to go boho, then try to add cowboy boots to your ensemble and slay the look.

3. Floral or Tropical Print

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

No one can neglect the influence of floral print on the fashion industry. From kids wear to adult wear, from bikinis to gowns, from casual wear to formal wear, one print is ruling the whole industry. And that is none other than floral print. If you find it somehow boring (though you shouldn’t), you can also opt for tropical prints.

4. Lace Fabric

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

This can be the best option if your girlfriend’s wedding day outfit is made up of lace fabric. The lace fabric ensemble gives the perfect vibe of the wedding season. Play with the lengths this year for the selection of bridesmaid dress.

5. Embrace Embroidery

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Embroidery art and wedding function dress have a long-lasting relationship that no one can break, just like the bride and groom’s relationship. Go for an embroidered fabric for your bridesmaid outfit and the high-low pattern will add glamour to it.

6. Think Out of the Box

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Aren’t you bored with the gown? Everyone wears a gown or dress for the wedding, your squad is different, and you should even look outstanding. Think out of the box and go for a skirt and blouse or palazzo pants or jumpsuits.

7. Indian Style

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Everyone is embracing the Indian style marriage wear. If your friend (bride) is opting for Indian style wedding dress, then your girls’ gang must opt for Indian style bridesmaid ensemble. Saree is the best option. However, Saree has become the biggest trend this year. From cotton sarees to Banarasi silk sarees it has been an integral part of Indian Weddings. Pair it up with statement earrings, and heels to compliment the entire Indian look.

8. Sparkle with Sparkly

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Add a sparkly effect on the wedlock of your friend with the sparkly outfit. For the sparkly effect go for sparkle fabric, metallic fabric or sequin fabric.

9. Nature’s Tiara

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Accessories are a must. You must have only thought about necklace, earrings, bracelets or anklets but the important accessory is Tiara. Plus artificial tiaras aren’t accepted anymore. Tell your florist to make you a crown with fresh flowers.

10. Go Velvet

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Velvet is a fabric that can give you a rich look along with a plush feel. Velvet dresses of red, maroon, or green color will let make the best bridesmaid dress.

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