Bra and Underwear Styles

Bra and Underwear Styles You Want for a Well-Rounded Wardrobe

A well-rounded wardrobe all starts with your undergarments. You need bras and underwear that support your body and your wardrobe choices from your big nights out to casual everyday style—and having underwear that fits you the way it is supposed to give you that boost you need to feel confident no matter what piece of your wardrobe you are showcasing.

From high-waist panties to balconette bras and more, check out these essential bra and underwear designs that can support you and your wardrobe no matter what. 

For a Big Night Out

Bra and Underwear Styles


With the right underwear, you never have to worry about looking fabulous on a night out. Whether it’s date night or a night out with your closest friends, looking your best is a top priority, and believe it or not, your intimates can help you get there. The right bra can give you stylish support and become a fashion feature in your evening ensemble.

Either way, having these chic bra and underwear silhouettes in your intimates drawer can help set you up for a comfortable and sophisticated look. 


A balconette bra is the perfect modernization of a classic bra silhouette. The name balconette comes from the balcony-like shape of the cup, making it the ideal bra silhouette for low-cut and low-scoop necklines. The beautifully designed balconette can become a bold focal point in your outfit by wearing it underneath a fitted blazer or a sheer top. 

Plunging Bra

A plunging bra is another excellent choice to wear on a night out if you are wearing a plunging neckline. Look for a pared-down plunging bra silhouette to give you the comfort and lightweight feeling of an airy bralette but with the support of a full-coverage bra. 


A comfortable modal thong is a must on a night out. You never have to worry about pesky panty lines and have cozy panties supporting you all night long. A comfortable thong is a non-negotiable essential in your intimates drawer, regardless of being the best underwear for a night out. 

For Chilling Out at Home in Your Underwear

Bra and Underwear Styles


Every woman needs those slow-paced days where you just hang out in your underwear around the house. And on these easy days, the name of the game is utter comfort. But just because you want to be as comfortable as possible doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. With these styles, you can relax in easy comfort all day while loving your reflection every time you pass the mirror. 

Mesh Bras

Mesh bras are the epitome of comfort and sensuality. Sheer power mesh fabric is soft on your skin and highly durable. Always look for a mesh bra that provides underwire support. The best bra companies use an innovative, flexible underwire that moves with your body while providing as much support as you need. 

High Waist Panties

Hanging out in your underwear never looked so good. High-waist panties are perfect for those days at home doing chores and relaxing. They provide full coverage and comfort that cannot be beaten. The vintage flair of high-waist underwear will keep you smiling as you shimmy past the mirror.

For Expressing Your Sleek Sensual Freedom

Bra and Underwear Styles


Finding appreciation and expressing your sensual freedom is a form of self-love that all women should provide for themselves. Treating yourself to a set of luxury intimates is a beautiful way to practice self-appreciation with something you can use daily. And there is nothing sleeker and more sensual than black lingerie. 

Black Lingerie

When we say black lingerie, it can be as sensual or modest as you want it to be. Black intimates are sleek and literally go with anything. They can give you that unspoken edge underneath your clothing that makes it easy to be confident no matter where you go. Treating yourself to a bra black as black can be and a sensual pair of black underwear is an excellent way to start expressing your sensual freedom. Also check out Do’s and Don’ts of Lingerie Shopping.

For Everyday Work Wear

Bra and Underwear Styles


When you’re in professional mode, the last thing you want is an unsupportive bra that makes you look bulky. You need everyday bras and underwear that blend seamlessly with your work wardrobe. Wearing the underwear you love can also give you that boost of inspiration to get through your most challenging days at the office. 

Demi Bras

Think of a demi bra as your perfect everyday T-shirt bra, only better. They provide full coverage and full support while disappearing seamlessly underneath your clothing. Look for a demi bra made with 3D spacer fabric for the softest and most comfortable fit that provides complete nipple control without any bulky padding. And the best part is that a great demi bra supports all sizes from 32A to 34B bras and even 44H. 

Cheeky Underwear Briefs

This classic full-coverage underwear is here to get you through the work week. Women’s briefs are known for their classic lines and comfortable fit. The mid-rise silhouette sits comfortably on your hips and gives you distraction-free support all day long. Look for a pair of briefs made with luxurious modal fabric to give you a no-dent silhouette. 

High Waist Panties

This is another area where your high-waist panties come in clutch. This silhouette makes it easy for you to wear whatever office attire you want while your high-waist underwear seamlessly conforms to your body. The high waist helps elongate your legs and accentuate your hips. 

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For Casual Style and Support

Bra and Underwear Styles


Your casual clothing deserves intimates that make it look amazing, too. Whether hanging out with friends and family at home or trying out your new favorite eateries, your casual outfits will always look fabulous, and you can always feel comfortable in them. 

The Scoop Bra

A scoop bra is perfect for your scoop neck tops, of course. The rounded neckline is also ideal for several different necklines and can help give your breasts a flattering shape you love. This makes it one of the most versatile bra silhouettes. Look for luxe microfiber in your next scoop bra. It hugs your curves and helps accentuate your natural form.

Bikini Underwear 

Your bikini underwear is about to become your best friend. This pared-down underwear silhouette can be worn low on your hip bones or high for a more elongated look. A bikini with a V shape in the back helps give you a flattering look you love while providing you with the full coverage you need for everyday wear. This makes it an essential staple in every well-rounded wardrobe.