Treating Your Boyfriend: Present Ideas for a Big Birthday

boyfriend birthday ideas

Buying presents can come with the feeling of pressure, as you will likely be really keen to impress the person you are buying for. Presents for boyfriends can sometimes be particularly hard, especially if it is a major birthday coming up, such as a 30th or a 50th, and you’ll want to make the present extra special and memorable.

To get a bit of inspiration, try to start thinking about this a couple of months in advance, so you don’t end up having to make a last-minute decision. If he ever mentions something he is interested in, take note of this. If you are finding it really difficult to gauge what he might like, take a look through this list of potential gift ideas to get a little bit of inspiration.

A Piece of Jewelry

boyfriend birthday ideas

Jewelry is a great gift for everyone and shouldn’t be thought of as a gift that is typically only bought for a woman. A nice piece of jewelry can really improve an outfit and make it look as though more effort has been put in. It is also nice to get your significant other something memorable like jewelry, as this is something that can be kept and cherished forever, so it is a lovely reminder to them of your relationship.

Stephen David Leonard has a great range of jewelry for men, with a mixture of fancy and casual pieces, so you will be able to find something to suit everybody.

Why not go for something a little different, such as a silver dog tag necklace, or have a browse through this selection of men’s cuff bracelets? Jewelry and accessories are such easy things to wear, yet these little details really can make all the difference.

A Cool Pair of Sneakers

boyfriend birthday ideas

If you are looking to buy your boyfriend something that he will definitely wear all the time, consider buying him a cool pair of sneakers. Sneakers are such versatile shoes, as they’re extremely practical but they also can be really trendy and interesting looking. The first thing you need to do is to know his shoe size. Then, you can begin your hunt! It is a good idea to have a look through both online stores as well as real ones so that you can get a feel for the different styles.

If there is a particular style you know he likes, then this could be a good opportunity. If he isn’t too fussy about what he wears, then you should go for something that you think will work well with the other items of clothing that he owns. This can be a chance for you to help him branch out and wear something really cool and a chance to show him how well you know him!

A Ticket to See a Band

boyfriend birthday ideas

One great idea for a big birthday present for your boyfriend is to buy him tickets to see a band or an artist that he really loves. This will certainly make the birthday memorable and it is an easy win. You will know your boyfriend better than anyone and will probably be very familiar with his music taste, so you can make a well-informed decision.

If you like the artist or band too, this could be a really fun thing that you could do together. If you aren’t a big fan of them, then potentially you could buy him two tickets and leave it up to him to choose who he goes with. Either way, you know that you will be purchasing him an amazing night.

A Romantic Getaway

boyfriend birthday ideas

If you are really stuck for ideas and don’t know what your boyfriend would like most, why not buy him an experience such as a romantic getaway for the two of you? This means you aren’t necessarily having to take a risk and buy him something that he potentially won’t use if he does not particularly want a material item.

Great ideas for romantic getaways are a spa weekend or a weekend in a cozy cabin. What is great about these sorts of presents is that they are always super fun but aren’t necessarily something you would do that often, which makes them feel super special and one off. You can cater the weekend to his wants; if he has a really stressful work life, go for something relaxing, or if he lives for the weekends, why not choose something more exciting and out of the ordinary?

Whatever you decide to get your boyfriend, he is sure to love it, as it is the thought behind the present that counts the most. Another aspect to concentrate on is making the day really special. This way, he will truly feel as though you have put a lot of thought into him and the present will feel even more exciting and carefully thought out.

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