Best Quality Cotton Fabrics In Dubai

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Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or not, you’ll love to retain your wardrobe collection for a considerable time, especially when you’re investing your time in carefully choosing the fabrics. 

But how do you differentiate premium cotton fabrics from inferior ones? And which quality fabrics in Dubai are the best for designing quality clothing such as designer sarees? 

Let’s find out!

What Are The Features Of High-Quality Cotton Fabric?

Before we start discussing the dynamics of finding the best cotton fabrics for designer clothing, let’s understand the features of quality fabric. 

Longevity: A cotton fabric for designing clothing should last for years. You should not have to break a sweat thinking that the delicate fabric will tear apart while wearing and removing your clothes. 

Dye quality: Colors and the vibrance of your fabric should not start fading after a few washes. Instead, colors should impart a bright and fresh look to designer garments, even after years of usage and washing cycles.

Drape: Soft, breathable, and high-quality cotton fabrics drape easily. A fabric featuring a natural drape can be used for designing exquisite, sophisticated garments.

Comfort and softness: The most important quality that differentiates an inferior cotton fabric from a superior one is the touch and feel. The fabric must feel good and soft on the skin. You don’t want to put your time and money into designing clothing that keeps scratching your skin every time you wear it. Long fibers ensure a uniform weave than short fibers, thus imparting greater softness to the cotton fabric. 

Breathable: The breathability of a fabric depends on the weaving quality. Finely combed cotton can be woven firmly to prevent air pocket formation and the unpleasant sweaty feeling.

Style: While quality remains the most vital factor in choosing a fabric, you can’t ignore the style. Exquisite styles such as printed uragiri voile, cotton voile embroidery, digital printed lawn cotton fabric are the secret ingredient to impeccably brilliant designer clothing. 

Sustainability: Brands venturing into designing sustainable fabric typically embrace the ethos to pay special attention to quality. The main aim of sustainable clothing and fabrics is to reduce waste by increasing the longevity of fabric through superior quality. Therefore the price of sustainable materials is slightly on higher-margin than cheap fast-fashion fabrics. However, this extra cost is covered through prolonged durability. 

Fulfilling these exceptional qualities of cotton fabrics requires dedication, careful curation, and skilled craftsmanship. Therefore, discovering a superior quality cotton fabric at an extremely cheap price is unnatural. 

Guide To Buy High-Quality Cotton Clothing Online

Premiere online stores in Dubai present a plethora of choices for cotton fabrics ranging from voile to poplin. While purchasing cotton fabrics online for designer sarees, dresses, suits, and other precious garments, ensure to read the product description carefully. 

The more precise information you can find about the fabric, the better will be your buying decision. 

4 Best Quality Cotton Fabrics In Dubai

Voile Cotton Fabric

Voile Cotton Fabric In Dubai

Voile fabric is generally woven from 100% cotton or cotton blend. This lightweight, plain-woven fabric features a higher thread count than most cotton fabrics, which imparts the characteristic silky soft texture. 

The silky feel, semi-sheer appearance, and crisp nature make voile fabric an impeccable option for summer clothing such as flowing dresses, skirts, tops, and tunics. 

Voile fabric can be crafted with vibrant colors and prints. Some most popular voile fabric designs include: 

  • Floral printed
  • Digital prints
  • Geometric shape
  • Paisley designs
  • Embroidery
  • Self-design
  • Jacquard

Uragiri voile printed fabric is one of the most superior-quality cotton fabrics for summer clothing. 

Cotton Lawn Fabric 

Cotton Lawn Fabric

Lawn cloth is a plain weave clothing fabric typically woven with cotton. This thread count in lawn fabric is significantly high, thus, providing a silky texture. 

  • Lawn cotton textile is usually crafted from combed yarn or carded yarn.
  • The style of weaving makes the cotton fabric semi-transparent and imparts a sheer appearance to the lawn fiber clothing. 
  • Lawn cotton fabric is relatively lightweight, making it a prevalent choice for designing spring and summer apparel.

In most cases, lawn fabric is bleached-white before printing captivating patterns and beautiful designs. It is then generally printed with attractive patterns. Even the dyed lawn cotton fabrics gesture beautiful prints and patterns. 

Poplin Cotton Fabric

Poplin Cotton Fabric

Poplin, also known as the cabinet, is a ribbed, plain-weave cotton fabric offering a crisp feel and a silky, lustrous surface. It is generally used for designing shirts, women’s dresses, even sportswear and raincoats due to its durability and elegance. Cotton poplin is also a great choice for printed designer sarees. 

The versatility of subtle sheen adds beauty and drape to any apparel. 

Poplin cotton fabrics are low-maintenance and do not require dry-cleaning. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions for irregular care and maintenance. 

Poplin is typically wrinkle-resistant. Light steam is adequate to smooth out poplin cotton clothing. 

Cotton Satin Fabric

Cotton Satin Fabric In Dubai

Cotton satin is frequently confused with silky, lustrous, smooth polyester satin. Whenever you hear the satin, you imagine a shiny, soft material. Satin isn’t material but represents the weave of the fabric. The satin weave gives the cotton fabric a gorgeous shine, breathability, and moisture-absorbent feature. 

The satin weave features tightly sewn threads and massive thread counts. Therefore, even the most intricate designs look clean, and the colors and vibrancy of cotton satin remain beautiful for far longer. 

Satin fabric can be used for crafting designer sarees, evening gowns, suits, smart casual outfits, and several other party-wear apparel. 

Different type of cotton fabrics In Dubai


Cotton offers one of the most versatile clothing solutions. From elegant party wear to casual summer clothing, cotton can be used for designing almost anything. Browse through the collection of an online textile store and shop your cotton fabric. 

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