Best Shoe Repair Glues That You Must Buy

Best Glue for Shoes

While cleaning your shoe closet, you noticed that some of your favorite footwear are broken. Then what will you do? Will you throw them? No..tossing them away is not a wise option, right? What you can do is repair them. Yes, with the help of shoe glue, you can make them new and shiny again.

Whether it is party heels or running shoes, no matter how careful we are, it breaks. There is a saying, “Good Shoes Takes you Good places.” So, it’s our responsibility to take care of them. Fortunately, there are a handful of glues available in the market that are specially made for shoes. You can use them to fix your shoe in no time. They’re water and temperature resistant, and some of them can be used on any type of footwear. What are those?

In this blog, we’ve listed the top 5 best glue for shoes. So, pick the one and breathe a new life to your favorite pair of footwear. But before that, check the list of things that you should consider before buying any kind of adhesive.

How to Select the Best Glue for Your Shoe?

After reading about many types of glue, you may get confused about which one is best. Right? Never buy the product if its price is cheaper than the other one. Carefully observe certain things that will ensure that you’re buying the best shoe glue. What are those things? Below is a list of specifications that you should always look before you buy any kind of shoe adhesive:

1. Shoe Type 

First, determine the material of the shoes. As different shoes demand a different kind of glue. Always look for an adhesive that is suitable for your footwear. 

2. Brand 

You don’t want to end up with a shoe that is damaged by the cheap glue, right? So, always considering buying good quality glue. 


3. Flexible 

Flexibility is another factor that you should look for in an adhesive. Without it, you may crack the sole and damage it even more. 

4. Waterproof 

Many types of glue come with waterproof and temperature resistant properties, so search for the one which has both qualities. 

After reading up to here, you now know very well how to select the best glue, but finding the one still is a hectic thing. So, to free you from all the worries, we also include 5 best glue for shoes in this blog. We also provided their key features so that you can easily select the one according to your budget and shoe. 

The Best Glue for Shoes

1. Barge All-Purpose

Barge All-Purpose
Full Curing Time24 Hours
Water ResistantYes
Contents2.0 oz

Your favorite pair of leather shoes broke? Don’t worry, use Barge All-Purpose glue to fix them. This glue is a cement-type adhesive with a Neoprene base. This combination gives you a strong and flexible bond. 

As its name says, you can use this glue almost on anything!! Yes, from leather, PVC, to rubber & vinyl, you can use Barge even on fabrics. So, get this one glue and repair all your broken things!

Key Features: 

  • Cement style adhesive
  • Suitable for many materials
  • Neoprene base
  • Short drying time
  • Strong and flexible bond
  • Temperature resistant
  • Provides waterproof sealing

2. Boot-Fix Glue

Boot-Fix Glue
Full Curing Time24 Hours
Water ResistantYes
Contents0.75 oz

It is necessary to hold the shoe area where you applied the glue, do you hate doing this? Don’t worry, you don’t have to clamp anymore with the Boot Fix Glue. Because it instantly dries out and that too clear, so you don’t even see any adhesive marks. Which is great, right? 

You can confidently use this glue on rubber, sneakers, and leather boots. So, say goodbye to clamping and the long process of gluing the shoes. With the help of Boot- fix, you can fix your pair of shoes in no time!!

Key Features: 

  • Used by professionals
  • Heat resistant
  • Flexible and Dries clear 
  • Suitable for both rubber and vinyl
  • No curing and clamping time needed

3. E6000 237032 Adhesive

E6000 237032 Adhesive
Full Curing Time24 – 72 Hours
Water ResistantYes
Contents2.0 oz

E6000 237032 Adhesive is another fantastic glue that can repair your footwear in minutes. It comes in a liquid state which is basically a cement-based formula, by which you can easily join the sole of your shoe. 

The packaging is also user friendly, as it comes in a tube with a built-in applicator tip. You can easily apply the glue on the sole, without gluing your fingers!

Within 5 minutes, you can make any kind of adjustments and then leave it for 24 to 72 hours. It is the best industrial strength adhesive in the market, which is also non-flammable and waterproof.   

Key Features: 

  • Temperature resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Non-flammable
  • Cement type industrial-strength product
  • Bonds leather and more
  • Washer and dryer safe

4. Gear Aid Free Sole

Gear Aid Free Sole
Full Curing Time24 Hours
Water ResistantYes
Contents1.0 oz

Love climbing and hiking? Climbing the mountains and enjoying the mountain view is a great feeling. But this journey will get easy if your shoes are ready and comfortable. But if your shoe gets broken in the midway then what will you do? Just take out your Gear Aid Free sole glue and fix that right away!

The Gear Aid Free sole adhesive is perfect for skateboard shoes, climbing shoes, sneakers, or any kind of hiking boots. If you want to save money, buy this as it can repair your shoe in just a few hours. So, don’t forget to pack it with your essentials, whenever you plan to go climbing!!

Key Features: 

  • Long-lasting seal
  • Concentrated Formula
  • Great for sport and adventure shoes
  • Suitable for thick repairs
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Once ounce tube

5. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue
Full Curing Time24 Hours
Water ResistantYes
Contents1.75 oz

Leather, rubber, vinyl, wood, or metal: your shoe is made from any type of material, this glue works magically for all! The name of this magical thing is Gorilla Glue. It is a super-strong adhesive which is made from a non-foaming formula. It is very easy to apply on any surface, and it also dries clear. Which means you can also use it on any colored surface. 

You can also use this adhesive to patch the holes in your shoe as it is both temperature and water-resistant. So, save money and invest only one time in this shoe glue. Many problems, only one solution: The Gorilla Glue! 

Key Features: 

  • Easy to use
  • Non-foaming
  • Strong and flexible bond
  • Temperature resistant and Water-resistant
  • Clear drying

How to Fix Your Shoe?


Follow the below steps to fix the sole or any part of your footwear:

  • First, clean the shoe because the dirty surface can make the gluing process less effective.
  • Gently apply the adhesive on the surface and let it set for a certain amount of time that is written on the instructions on the adhesive pack. 
  • Each adhesive product has various curing times, leave the shoe for that appropriate time, and after that, your shoe will be ready for wearing again!!. 

Now you know which is the best glue for shoes and how to repair your shoe, right? So, now it’s your responsibility to take care of your beloved footwear and keep them new looking.

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