Can You Be Fashionable Whilst Also Being Eco-Friendly with OGLmove?

Eco-Friendly with OGLmove

Wanting to be fashionable doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the planet in order to do so. With OGLmove this is not the case, you have the opportunity to look both glamorous and trendy without damaging the planet at the same time, which lets face it, is heading towards a dark place if drastic measures are not made now.

Why The Fashion Industry Needs To Make Positive Changes

Typically when you buy a garment form a fashion retailer it has to undergo a long journey to be able to get from the cotton fields, to transform into a complete item of fashion that you can wear.

This long journey to reach the fashion industry shelf is particularly damaging to the environment due to the amount of water that needs to be used to make the garment (notably with denim) and the quantities of carbon emissions that are used to transport the goods across the globe. They are typically transported from poorer countries where labor is cheap, to the rich countries like the US that can afford throwaway fashion.

Why The Fashion Industry Needs To Make Positive Changes

So How Is OGLmove Different and Most Importantly Eco-friendly?

Our mission at OGLmove is very simple. We want to provide shoppers with good quality clothing that is sustainable, plastic free and above all produces absolutely zero-waste. So the journey from raw material to our warehouse, to your closet is completely environmentally-friendly. This is our main ethos as an eco-friendly fashionable clothing brand.

What Eco-Friendly Practices Do We Use?

Looking after the environment is a priority for us as a company. We constantly seek out and develop the most up to date eco-friendly practices possible, in order to make our lovely garments and also transport them to you.

Our particular emphasis is on reducing plastic waste to zero, which will certainly benefit the planet. So you will definitely not see your clothing wrapped in copious amounts of harmful plastic when it is transported to you.

What Eco-Friendly Practices Do We Use

What Is Our Eco-Friendly Clothing Made From?

In order to provide the best quality product for you we source our ingredients form the best possible place and utilise responsibly sourced fabrics that are of course biodegradable.

These materials have been approved by the Global Recycled Standard which is an indication of the top quality garments that you will be benefiting from when you make a purchase with us.

How You Can Make a Difference as a Consumer

As a consumer, the onus is also on you to be more responsible when it comes to clothes shopping. The more you can utilise companies such as ourselves when buying your items of clothing the more positive changes we can make together towards saving the planet.

So next time you need to purchase some new sweatshirts or sweatpants, shop with OGLmove to make a positive difference to the planet, whilst also looking and feeling stylish.

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