4 Aviator Glasses That Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

aviator glasses

To be a total badass on a budget, doesn’t that sound like a total dream? As we grow older (and wiser, of course), we have realised that looking expensive does not always mean shelling out money and buying the most opulent pieces. Sometimes it is just about picking out the right clothes and accessories and putting them together to create a chic outfit that makes you look like a total baddie. The idea here is to invest in timeless pieces like aviator glasses, an excellent pair of denim, a versatile watch, etc.

Timeless accessories are the best way to add charm and character to your outfit, and eyewear is an important accessory, especially during summer.

The benefit of choosing an ageless style like aviators is that they work for every gender and face shape and are also extremely versatile in that they go well with every outfit and for any situation. Be it a lunch date, a cricket match, or an important work meeting, you cannot go wrong with your trusted pair of aviator glasses. And since these glasses are such a wardrobe staple, so we have shortlisted a few options that we believe you might like.

Fly High with the Maverick’s Favourite

Tom Cruise With aviator glasses

Who does not remember Tom Cruise’s iconic character from Top Gun? With his pair of glasses and dog tag chain, Tom’s Maverick has again managed to win everyone’s hearts after almost four decades. And just like the character and Cruise himself, this pair of aviator sunglasses for men are ageless and iconic.

Inspired by the character’s look in ‘Top Gun’, this pair of stylish gold frames with green lenses will make you feel like a star. What’s even more interesting about these sunglasses is that you can switch the regular tinted lenses for RXable lenses that are scratch resistant and can be customised as per your prescription, so you no longer have to juggle between your sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses!

Dapper Black for the Dapper Dans

Dapper Dan With aviator glasses

The colour black always has and always been the right shade of perfection, and there is nothing that can beat the charm of Black aviator glasses. Perfect for a sunny afternoon, the polarised grey lenses reduce light and glare with 100% UV protection, making them the best accessory for picnics on the beach and hiking trips to the mountains. What’s amazing is that you can even get prescription lenses fitted in these OG teardrop Black aviator glasses, so no more worrying about carrying your spectacles and constantly switching between the two.

you can carry these travel friendly glasses Designed for the confident and daring souls, these aviators are sure to give you a boost of confidence, no matter how you style them.

A Purple Twist to the OGS

Purple aviator glasses

While green and gold aviator glasses are the OG icons, you do not have to follow mainstream styles. After all, fashion is about breaking the norms and expressing your most authentic, true self. And if adding a pop of colour dictates your style, then that is what you must do! This purple pair of aviator glasses in the original frame shape can be the perfect accessory for you. Additionally, the frames come with RXable lenses, so you can finally stop juggling between sunglasses and your prescription glasses.

Full-Metal Mania

Selena Gomez with aviator glasses

As we mentioned, mainstream designs are not everyone’s cup of tea, but that should not keep you from owning a chic pair of aviator glasses. If the teardrop shape does not work for you, we suggest you try this modern take on the original aviator glasses. With a double-bridged, full-metal gold frame, these chic frames come with RXable lenses, making them the perfect option for people who need prescription glasses.

Aviator sunglasses for men and women have been on the top of their game for as long as we can remember. For years, they have been a favourite of not just us common folks but also celebrities and public figures. They are a staple accessory and important addition to your capsule wardrobe. Their timeless design and evergreen charm make them a worthy investment, but that does not necessarily mean that you must burn a hole in your pocket to get your favourite pair.

Thanks to iconic brands like Titan and Fastrack, you can get some cool pairs of aviator glasses at affordable prices. They often offer discounts on their brand websites, so we say, get browsing!

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