4 New Makeup Trends to Look Stylish in 2018

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We can thank 2017 for being an epic year in Makeup Industry. While being a firm believer of “you do you,” if you’re starting to believe that yes, there is such a thing as too much glitter or scrolling past any magic-themed product, we turned to the red carpet to forecast the next big makeup trends you should try in 2018 to look more Stylish.


  • “The bolder, the better” will be your new motto when it comes to choosing lipstick in 2018. Although a glaring lip has always been the simplest way to add color to your look, this year you’ll be introduced more and more ’80s-inspired brightness in the spotlight like Saoirse Ronan’s fuchsia lipstick.


  • Dabbing a color on the inner corners of your eyes is a trick that makeup artists have relied on for years to instantly make eyes appear larger and more awake, a shimmery color on the inner corners takes this technique one step further and gives you a complete New look. Concealer is great to use for the same.


  • In 2018, instead of sweeping a matte blue eyeshadow across the entire lid to the brow bone, use blue eyeliner to draw a clean cat eye like Kerry Washington, or incorporating your lower lash line for a chic, startling pop of color.


  • Skin is in. It’s time to put down the contour kits, brushes, sticks, and wands and go for a more natural look. Apply less makeup and more skin, rather than the excess outlined look. Tinted moisturizers are better makeup tools to start with.


  • Reach out to fashionterest to know the Makeup Trends which will enhance your grace and glamour and ultimately look more Stylish.

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