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3 Ways You Can Get Scammed When Buying Engagement Rings from a Retailer

The title of the post may have you believe that most jewelry stores resort to scamming in order to make a few extra bucks. However, that’s certainly not the case. Most large jewelry retailers are way more worried about keeping their reputation squeaky clean than to con unsuspecting customers. That being said, instances of people getting scammed by shady jewelry dealers are not entirely uncommon. To stay safe it’s always recommended to Find UK Engagement Rings Online or go to a trusted store.

Find UK Engagement Rings Online

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The reason we recommend buying engagement rings online is that the transaction is much more transparent. You get to judge an engagement ring by its specifications without the distraction of a nagging store executive trying to make a sale. However, if you do decide to go to a physical store, we suggest keeping an eye out for these 3 engagement ring scams.

They Don’t Mention Cut Grades

Find UK Engagement Rings Online

A lot of buyers are unaware of the importance of cut grades. It’s a parameter that greatly influences the price of a diamond. Cut grades are not the shapes, which means two princess cut diamonds can have two completely different grades. Grade defines the reflective qualities of a particular stone. In other words, how sparkly a gem is. Different gemological institutes have different metrics to define the cut grade. For example, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) uses a cut scale and rates diamonds anything from “excellent” to “poor” based on its cut quality.

Now, a lot of stores sneakily avoid mentioning the cut grade or scale. They instead say things like “this is a beautiful princess cut diamond”, leading you to believe it has an excellent cut. When interacting with a store executive be sure to ask for the cut grade. It’s usually always mentioned in the gemological report.

Provide Certificate from a For-Profit Organization

Find UK Engagement Rings Online

Not all reports and certificates can be trusted. Both online and offline jewelry stores often partner up with unscrupulous labs to cook up inflated reports. When it comes to reports about diamonds you can trust independent organizations such as the GIA and IGI (International Gemological Institute). While these gemological institutes grade the quality of the diamond, the Hallmark logo proves the authenticity of the metal used.

They Use “Total Carat Weight” in Their Sales Pitch

Find UK Engagement Rings Online

Nowadays diamonds are tested by Diamond Testers which are easily available in markets. Is the guy at the store constantly referring to “total carat weight” instead of just saying “carat”? If so, then he may be trying to pull a fast one on you. Total carat weight is the combined weight of all the diamonds in a particular engagement ring. Therefore, if a ring has three diamonds, the total carat weight is the combined weight of all three. If the ring in question is a solitaire, the total carat weight will be equal to the carat of the centerpiece diamond. What you need to understand is that the cost of a ring that uses several tiny diamonds to achieve 2 total carat weight is way less than a 2-carat ring with a single stone. We are talking about a price difference of hundreds of dollars.