3 Luxurious Watches to Wear on Special Occasions

Are you in search of the luxurious watches? Here we give you the details of top 3 occasional luxurious watches. A good watch isn’t just an extension of style; it’s an extension of you. These watches can be also be gifted to someone special on their birthdays or on festivals.

Let’s go through the classy 3 watches:

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date

gold plated watchSource

It is one of Rolex’s most iconic timepieces, it was one of the first to really launch the brand to fame in 1926. Today’s situation looks totally different, but with classic eighties detailing and an all-gold palette, it will stay on the top list for more years. It is the Best Gold Plated Watch you can have.

Ulysse Nardin Freak 18k White Gold Leather Mens Wristwatch

gold and silver watchesSource

This award-winning Freak series from the label is known for its forward-looking design, which does away with the crown, hands, and dial. It is one of the best watches in the gold and silver watches.

Rolex Diamond White Gold GMT-Master II Mens Wristwatch

white gold watchSource

It is a luxurious White Gold Watch from Rolex. It is a dressy watch which can be worn on special occasions, this one definitely stands out from all the other watches. It has rubies, sapphire, and diamonds to add the pop of color. It is the perfect watch for men who like to occasionally rock a bling look!

These gold and silver watches represent wealth and status, and in a sense, it has always been that way.

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